Sunday, March 29, 2009

I thought I should at least say hi

It feels like so long since I have been on this thing.  Wow.  I though I should at least say hello to all of you.  I promise, once things wind down, and I hope they wind down soon.  I'll pop up some new pics of what has been keeping me busy.  

Love you guys

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rodeo - Keith Urban

We went to see Keith Urban on March 17th.  We had a blast with our friends Tracy and Jason.  We love you guys!
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wow... the story for this one is CRAZY.  Dont know if you can tell... but all four of us, Daniel, Jason, Tracy and I are crammed into one of those carts/wagons that a bicycle pulls.  Awwww, the poor guy who rode the bike to pull ALL 4 OF US.  We could not stop laughing.  This was hilarious.  Wow, the memories!!!  
You cant see Daniel, well you can see the corner of his head.  I am sitting in his lap.  
Look at my hubby's amazing blue eyes.  

Rodeo - Josh Turner

Our friends, Rachel and Justin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Will

We went to our cousin, Will's birthday party on Saturday.  Caitlyn likes to call him Little Will.  BUT, Little Will is not so little anymore.  He turned 3 this year and he is catching up to Caitlyn in size.  We had a fun time.  Happy Birthday Will.

Weekend at the Bay House

Daniel's parents have a fun house... "the bay house."  We love to go to Galveston and relax at the bay house.  We enjoy the weather and relax.  Have I said that we relax???  

See... even Micah knows that we are to go to the bay house and relax.

Goodbye Gracie

Well the sad day arrived, time for Gracie to find a new home.  Every time I think about it I cry and get tears.  I will definitely miss her.  Believe me that we had some times where we were VERY upset with her.  But all in all... she was a sweet dog that needed a good home and people who were better able to take care of her.  We are moving in the next couple of weeks and taking Gracie with us was not an option.  So we love you Gracie and will miss you.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dedication at 8 Weeks

Yesterday was our first baby/child dedication service at Woodlands Point Community Church.  I must say that for a first time try at something... it went smoothly, thank you Jessica.  We dedicated back to the Lord our son, Micah Daniel Pratt.  Caitlyn had already been dedicated... actually back when she was about 8 weeks also at our family's church then, Family Life Christian Center.  
  Thank you Lord for specifically choosing us to raise these two precious children.  We are blessed.  
Micah Daniel Pratt, my 8 week old.  He grows so quickly.  Check out his outfit.. very cute.  Thank you to the Laughters for this one.

My two precious Angel Babies