Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sibling Love

Ky is 8 months old now and until recently hasn't slept through the night consistently. (The past week has been pretty good, except last night. Ky was extremely disturbed at 5:30am with a poopy diaper, but I am sure you didn't need to know that.) I don't know if his sleeping habits are because (1) he just hasn't learned how to sooth himself back to sleep well or (2) if he is like his daddy and just not a great sleeper or (3) just a hard headed little kid and doesn't want to sleep well. I hope that it is that he hasn't learned well on how to sooth himself and that will hopefully remedy itself soon. Please God. BUT, as a way to help him learn faster, (fussing it out in the middle of the night) we moved Micah into Caitlyn's room so that Ky's screaming wont wake him. Caitlyn was THRILLED to say the least on having a roommate, even though she knows it is for a short time. The first evening I came in to check of the kiddos and see what they were up to on their first night together, this is what I saw:
LOVE it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


While I was doing my normal routine this morning, I came across a couple of things that brings a smile to my face and that I loved... I will say that being up that early will NOT be on the "love" list.

I love:
- the smell and sound of brewing coffee.
- how my son, Micah says candy, "can-ney"
- to hear my babies babble in the monitor, this sound is way better than the alarm clock
- to hear Caitlyn sing. She may not realize it.... but she is singing ALL the time. Im not sure if she is singing songs off the radio or her own songs, but it is beautiful.
- to see Caitlyn come tell me she made me something. The papers build up and unfortunately I do have to throw many of them away, but I love to see her creations.
- to hear Micah come tell me in a pleading voice, "Hold you???"
- Ky's big toothless grin and beautiful big blue eyes.
- to hear from my husband, "Lets go on a date!"

These are just a few of the long list of "loves" I have that I wanted to share.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Camping

Well, we did it and I did survive! We went camping for Spring Break. All in all... it was fun and full of memories, both good and bad. I know you're wondering about the bathrooms... they were both ok and yuck. There were two different bathrooms to go to. The one that is located in the small field behind our tent was an outhouse, pretty much. It was in a building, not one of those tin shacks, but this outhouse was a cement building with metal potties inside and a hole down into the "center of the earth" or so I "affectionately" called it. BUT, there was also an "indoor" potty up at the top of a hill to the right of our tent. The indoor potty was actually pretty clean for a campsite potty. So that was the one I would hike to as much as possible.

The first couple of nights were pretty nice. A nice cool day and chilly evening. A snuggily type of night, great for camping. Then Thursday happens. The wind, that is already blowing pretty hard changes and comes from a different direction. It starts to get hot. Camping starts to not look so fun. We had a great tent, but no tent can handle high winds. We thought that the tent would buckle (which it did collapse a bit and then pop back up) or blow away. A collapsing tent is pretty scary for a two year old who is trying to take a nap inside. Also, those tents get pretty hot inside. Poor baby (and me) could not take naps inside those tents once it got pretty hot. So to stop our insanity, Thursday afternoon we all packed up and went to Brenham, Tx. and visited the Bluebell factory. We had a great time. We were too late for the tour... but for 6 kids, 4 under the age of 2... they really didn't mind. As long as we were still gonna get ice cream. Which we did. $1 for a serving. It was very nice to feel like we weren't gouged in prices... like I sometimes feel we are everywhere else.
We ended up leaving on Friday, instead of Saturday. Awesome! The winds were still pretty crazy and when the power hungry park ranger told us to move our car, which my husband very cleverly parked to block the wind from blowing our tent away, we were done. I told her we could move the car, we had just put it there to keep our tent from buckling or blowing away, she responded with, "It would be nice if we could all do that, but your car is causing erosion." Seriously???? I just looked at Daniel and he read my mind, "ok, pack up... we are going home." There just was no way we could stay another day in the hot sun and crazy winds... and yucky toilets. So we packed up and headed home, but first stopped at Sonic for a frozen treat.

Our memories:
- Smores, yum!!!
- Yes, Daniel did bring his guitar and we did listen to him strum it the first night. No, we did not sing Kum by Yah.
- Climbing trees
- Playing at the camp playground
- BlueBell factory
- Crazy winds
- The pottys... thats all I have to say about them
- Beautiful scenery
- The bees that thought they were welcome at our campsite
- Ky waking up multiple times in the night and the only way to keep him from fussing and waking up the entire camp grounds, was to nurse him
- Micah's impersonation of Auntie - "Storm James, come back here!!!"
- My first time camping and us being under prepared for a few camp items and Lindsay saving the day and letting us borrow theirs... whether it was cooking spray, bee killer or matches... yes, we forgot to bring matches.
There are so many memories from our first time camping. Im glad we went. (I should have taken more pictures.)