Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yummy Sweet Potatoes

Micah tried homemade... yes, homemade, sweet potatoes and he loved them, see the smile on his face and a fairly clean bib????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Book Reading

Caitlyn, Micah and I went to the Library today to turn in her reading list for her summer book reading club that she sign up to be in this summer. Caitlyn read 10 books, well... mommy, mommo and nonni read to Caitlyn 10 books. :) The deal was that when she finished reading 10 books that she could go back to the library and tell the librarian of her accomplishment. She would then get a goodie bag filled with tons of goodies if I say so myself and also her name on the wall at the library. The pictures below are of Caitlyn putting her name up.


Caitlyn went to VBS at Christ Church off of Research Forest a week ago. (I know, "a week ago," I am behind on this) She was so excited to get to go to VBS for the first time ever this year. I picked her up Monday afternoon excited to hear what she thought of it... she told me that she did not want to go back. I asked her why. "Because I may want you during the day." My heart was touched with that sweet, precious comment. But I had to tell her that even though I wish I could be with her all the time, that there are special things that we get to go do that sometimes we have to do without our mommy right there. She said ok, but was unsure of that statement. We even had a few tears on Tuesday morning when we went back to VBS. We told her that she will have a great time if she just gave it a chance. I went to pick her up Tuesday afternoon and asked her what she thought of VBS now. She said she really liked it and wanted to go back. As each day passed by, she got more and more excited about going back. So VBS this year has been a total success. :)

Build a Bear

Caitlyn went to a birthday party the other day at Build a Bear Workshop and had a WONDERFUL time. Who wouldn't have a wonderful time at a party where you can celebrate a birthday, eat a cookie cake and also create your own teddy bear! What Fun!!!

Caitlyn and her teddy bear, Cotton Candy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Boys

Bath Time... Micah LOVES his baths.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Caitlyn is Officially 4

I am so behind on my blogs, sorry about that.

Last Tuesday, June 9 was my "baby's" birthday. She is now officially 4 years old and she never lets me forget it. We woke her up with 4 candles on top of a honey bun. She loved it and I did too. Below is Caitlyn's new and favorite night gown. It is an Ariel nightgown that is all silkie. She loves it and looks like a princess in it.
Below is Caitlyn's place setting. She had an Ariel birthday party.
Caitlyn chose this cup cake as hers. It is a strawberry cupcake with strawberry icing and candy sugar hearts on top.
It was hot on the day of her bday, so we had water wars. Of course this park did not have a water attraction, so we brought a big cooler, filled it with water for the kids to suck up into their water squirters and have a blast. They LOVED it and that is an understatement.

As time wore on.. they all decided to just get into the big cooler.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Baby is 4 years old today!

4 years ago today, we were at Memorial Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands, waiting for Caitlyn to make her big arrival.  She was in no hurry at all, her due date was the 8th of June.  We decided to induce the day after because my doctor was going out of town and I didnt like spending all those months with my doctor and then Dr. Beena not even deliver Caitlyn.  Nope, wasnt gonna have it.  Labor was good, the epidural was great, delivery was another story.  :)  We started at 7:00am and then Caitlyn arrived at 8:54pm that evening.  When Caitlyn was born, I was SO thrilled.  All I could say was, "Oh My Goodness" over and over.  She was beautiful and I was in love with her.  She was all I dreamed of in a little girl.  Thank you Lord Jesus for such a sweet, precious little girlie girl that you had chosen to be loved by Daniel and I.  My angel baby is growing to be so big and I LOVE the moments we have together.  
I had to sneak an old picture of me and Caitlyn together.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"I can't hold my sleepies"

The other day, the fam and I were out and about getting last minute things for Caitlyn's birthday that is coming up.  A fun day for the four of us, an extremely fun day for Caitlyn considering that this day was mainly for her.  While we were driving home and doing a couple of short errands on the way home, Caitlyn in a small panic said, "Mommy, Mommy!"  I said "What Caitlyn?"  She said, "I cant hold my sleepies."  "You cant hold your sleepies????  Well you can take a short nap."  Well Daniel and I thought she was joking and being silly.  Nope, we were wrong.  She really couldnt hold her sleepies cause this is what I saw when I checked on her again.  :)  I LOVE it... I cant hold my sleepies.