Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to school I go!!!

I am so happy for Caitlyn... she is finally back in school and I know she is thrilled. This morning she told me she was excited, nervous and ready to start First Grade.

Yesterday Caitlyn and I made the beads to hang on her backpack so just in case if there was anyone else in her school with the same back pack, you would know this one was hers. We LOVE the backpack... look how it sparkles. It looks amazing when the sun shines on it.

Off to FIRST GRADE I go!!!! Here is to a GREAT 2011 - 2012 year!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caitlyn's Day to Meet the Teacher

Today Caitlyn got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Wright and we are excited. Well, I am... Caitlyn is still unsure of this year. She has it stuck in her head that no teacher can be better than her Kindergarten teacher and no school year can top last year. She insisted that we must go and visit Mrs. Genseal and say hi first before we go to meet her new teacher. Caitlyn acted shy like she always does, but I know she was thrilled. Crazy enough, THAT was when I teared up, not when we walked into her 1st grade classroom. I guess it was because I saw Caitlyn tear up a bit and I knew how much this meant to her. She has been talking about going and visiting Mrs. Genseal all summer long. We did get to chat and Mrs. Genseal raved about Mrs. Wright and how wonderful a teacher she was, which is of course what I expected. BUT, what I didn't expect to hear was that Mrs. Wright had earned the Teacher of the Year award a couple of years ago. We also learned that she took last year off to spend time traveling with her husband, who is a pilot, but she returned to teaching because she loved it that much. This is good news and I'm so happy that Caitlyn is in her class.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was just thinking today about the number 33. There are some good and some bad things about it. I think 33 is actually a pretty number to look at... like 11, 22, 44, 55, 66. I like how both numbers are the same. I have 3 kids, that is one of the numbers out of 33. I "bing'ed" the number 33 and what came up was pretty interesting. Below are what I found to be the most interesting, whether they are actually true or not.
33 is a number that doesn't scare me... cause I'm 33. That is for about the next month. Next month I will be 34... not sure if I really like 34, because it is pretty close to 35. And then when you think of the number 35... you think of 40. Oh my... Im not ready for this.
Anyway, in honor of 33 and 34... I scrolled through my picture album on my computer and picked the 33rd and 34th picture listed.

33. Ky was 3 months old at this time... LOVE. Look at him cuddling with his daddy.
34. Caitlyn, my 1st Angel Baby.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

I cant believe summer is almost over and I've got mixed feelings about it. This summer has been a pretty balanced mix of some fun and some boredom. Summer started with tears from Caitlyn, she was extremely upset that school was over and that Mrs. Genseal was not going to be her teacher anymore. The tears lasted a few days, but then she realized that she could now sleep in, play with her brother, have a HOT lunch instead of sandwiches and do crafts all day. So what is one thing you do when school is out... take the family to the mall and ride the carousel. Love this pic, Caitlyn is having a blast and Micah is a little unsure. It's usually the other way around.

Micah's discovered markers. We used to be ok with Caitlyn having crafts in her room, she would create and play teacher and wouldn't make a mess. Well, after new carpet and her brothers marker discovery... that had to change.
Caitlyn got to go to 2 VBS's this summer. She loved them. This was her second year at the Lutheran church one and first year at Spring Baptist. She was unsure if the Spring Baptist one would be as fun as the Lutheran one. Of course, she ended up loving it.

Micah was too young for a VBS this year, so we tried to be entertained with some crafts and fun. I love the food coloring and water "craft." I love how they can mix colors and see what new colors they make... even if it is a yucky brown. He liked it... for about 10 minutes and then he was done.
Gabe and Ky turned one this year. I can't believe it has already been a year since my 3rd Angel Baby was born. This picture is from Gabe's birthday party. Just looking at the picture... can you believe that Gabe is only 5 days older than Ky? It looks like he is a whole lot older... it's the hair, I think. At this time, Ky has yet to start pulling up to a standing position.
Ahhhhhhh Happiness!
Caitlyn was invited to go to our neighbors, Iris's 9th birthday party at Sweet & Sassy... tons of fun.
Fishing makes my husband happy. Look how relaxed he is. This was the weekend that he, Papa Fred and Jason caught like a bazillion fish. They were thrilled, this summer fish really weren't biting.
I have had the privilege of getting to sing backup for my husband at church a few times this summer. I've really enjoyed it. One, I have realized how much I enjoy singing and how much I have missed it since high school. And Two, I really like singing with my man. That I actually get a chance to do something with him that he is really good at. So much fun. The picture below was taken after one of those services while Caitlyn and I were waiting in the car for daddy to join us at Taco Bell... fine dining. (Can you hear the sarcasm??? :o) )
Fun Summer of 2011!!!