Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Caitlyn's Day to Meet the Teacher

Today Caitlyn got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Wright and we are excited. Well, I am... Caitlyn is still unsure of this year. She has it stuck in her head that no teacher can be better than her Kindergarten teacher and no school year can top last year. She insisted that we must go and visit Mrs. Genseal and say hi first before we go to meet her new teacher. Caitlyn acted shy like she always does, but I know she was thrilled. Crazy enough, THAT was when I teared up, not when we walked into her 1st grade classroom. I guess it was because I saw Caitlyn tear up a bit and I knew how much this meant to her. She has been talking about going and visiting Mrs. Genseal all summer long. We did get to chat and Mrs. Genseal raved about Mrs. Wright and how wonderful a teacher she was, which is of course what I expected. BUT, what I didn't expect to hear was that Mrs. Wright had earned the Teacher of the Year award a couple of years ago. We also learned that she took last year off to spend time traveling with her husband, who is a pilot, but she returned to teaching because she loved it that much. This is good news and I'm so happy that Caitlyn is in her class.


Emily said...

What sweet pictures of such sweet girl! Sounds like she has a great teacher who loves her job! That's always a good thing. I hope she has a fantastic first day!!