Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Man

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little man, my 2nd Angel Baby that God has blessed me with. What a sweetie you are. You mean so much to me and I am so thankful that I was the one chosen to be your mommy. Love you son!

Things that make Micah even more special:
- Always answers my "I love you's" with an "I love you too, Mommy"
- Mommy and Ky get the most kisses from this sweet boy.
- Calls baby brother "Bucket" most of the time.
- Very organized for a 3 year old. I notice little things here and there that show his neatness. (On his own putting his socks in his shoes so they don't get lost once he has taken his shoes off. Lines up toys in an order of some way when he is playing.)
- Loves to cuddle.
- Enjoys playing with Caitlyn, even though they often get into arguments.
- Loves to play sports... football, baseball and wrestling are is favorite. This boy has quite the throwing arm.
- Favorites:
TV Show: GodRocks
Color: Blue
Shoes: "Fit Shoes" (These shoes do not have velcro or laces... they just slide on)
Toy: Cars 'Nesting Dolls'
Food: He is starting to get picky and not want to eat when it is dinner time. More interested in snacking and desserts.

Birthday party for Micah is tomorrow night and the theme is a Superhero Party. Micah chose to dress up as Batman and he is so excited to eat his cupcakes.

My week so far...

Last year Connie blessed me and Lindsay with a "hunting" trip. Daniel, his dad and his brother in law got to go hunting for a couple of days and so Connie, decided that it would only be fair... :O) that we go "hunting" too. It was an amazing two days of shopping, massage and fun. This year, she surprised us again with a day of shopping. A great way for us mommas to recharge and have some fun. Linds and I were in Claires and saw these crazy sunglasses. They have tiny holes in them and you can see out of them... just not well. We had to take a pic.
This week is Micah's birthday week. He has decided to have a Superhero party. He has been wearing his Batman suit and is ready for his party to come. More pictures from his party to come soon.
For Christmas, my kiddos got Flaarp in their stockings. It is a putty that makes pooting noises. Yes, this morning my sweet boy Micah was playing with it and got it on my ottoman. Oh goodness. He did come tell me immediately and not hide it so that I am proud of. I am also not freaking out anymore because it did come out. Thank goodness.