Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ornament Wreath

Got to apologize that it has taken me forever to blog lately. Have you ever felt like you just don't want to blog at all and all you wanna do is look at other peoples blogs. Then you wonder why they aren't updating their blog. Haha. So, ok I will do it. I have 3 new ones. This one, Micah's first haircut and then Caitlyns thanksgiving one. Enjoy!

I have been in a craftsy mood lately and being in the holiday season doesn't help at all. Also hanging out with my Uber Crafty Girl, Kelly really doesn't help. :o) But I love it. Daniel just laughs and rolls his eyes when he sees me crafting or I show him a new thing I made. But I made him fess up that he really does like it when I am all domestic and craftsy.

My new project was an ornament wreath. I wanted to make a Christmas wreath with the pine, pinecones, and berries. But I just couldnt imagine anything cute up that wouldnt look cheesy. So after mentioning an ornamental wreath and Kelly giving me some pointers... here is how it turned out.
what you need: LOTS of ornaments (I used shatterproof ones), a wire hanger, festive ribbon, glue gun, wire(not pictured) and a must have... coffee.

Start stringing the ornaments on.
I started glueing the ornaments to each other to hold it's shape and spot on the wreath.
ALmost done... need to start filling in the holes and hot gluing with more ornaments
Finished project!!!!

NEXT: Feather Christmas Trees!!!! You can get a sneak peek at what they look like on my Uber Crafty Friend, Kelly's site.

Micah's First Haircut

Ok... so the dreaded day happened. A lot of the beautiful curls were shaved of of my son's head the other day. I totally get it... he's a boy, so needs a boy haircut. Still, all those beautiful curls are gone. No worries tho, he has plenty more.

Daddy introducing the shaver to Micah

Look at those little tuffs of hair. Actually, I wish I was quick enough to have taken a picture of the little Micah tumbleweeds rolling down the driveway. I couldn't though cause I was holding Micah still in my lap.
Micah chillaxin with daddy on the couch and sporting his new shorter hair style.

Thanksgiving Day

Caitlyn is loving her preschool. She looks forward to school all the time. I have noticed that she is one of the quiet students... which is odd... cause she is not quiet at all at home. But I am glad, cause her teachers rave about her. What a good girl she is.
This week they celebrated Thanksgiving and made hats, and vests and all that that goes with Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures of my beautiful girl all "pilgrimed" up.

Mrs. Sue and Mrs. Catherine.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

Caitlyn had a "Fall Day" at school on Wednesday. She had a great day and came home with a cute little bumble bee painted on her cute little cheek.
What a poser!!!!
Here is Snow White! This was her costume during the day on Halloween.
Caitlyn chose to dress up as a Bride this year. I guess there was no escaping that decision when I am a wedding coordinator and talk of brides happens a lot in our home. But I have to say... Caitlyn is the prettiest "bride" that I have ever seen. (Oh Lord, she is growing up way too fast!!!) She is wearing her flowergirl dress and I made her veil and bouquet. She LOVED her costume. She never wanted to take it off.
She did this pose... I promise. I just was lucky to see it and catch it on camera. (Again, she is growing up WAY too fast!!!)

SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!! Cutie Patootie!!! Awwww, he is my sweet little man.

Here are my two "Super" men!!! (I know, cheesy line... but they really are super to me)
Me and my beautiful bride.
Hope you had a great day full of wonderful memories.