Saturday, November 21, 2009

Micah's First Haircut

Ok... so the dreaded day happened. A lot of the beautiful curls were shaved of of my son's head the other day. I totally get it... he's a boy, so needs a boy haircut. Still, all those beautiful curls are gone. No worries tho, he has plenty more.

Daddy introducing the shaver to Micah

Look at those little tuffs of hair. Actually, I wish I was quick enough to have taken a picture of the little Micah tumbleweeds rolling down the driveway. I couldn't though cause I was holding Micah still in my lap.
Micah chillaxin with daddy on the couch and sporting his new shorter hair style.


Lacey said...

I love Daniel showing him the shaver- too cute!

ashley said...

Awe, he's growing up too fast!! That's so precious that Daniel gave Micah his 1st haircut!! What a cute baby boy!!