Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ladies Man

Ok... it is that time of year. The weather doesn't make you feel like it is that time of year... but Fall is closely around the corner. I love the Fall and early Winter time. I am my most creative during this time of year. I love the smells, cozy feelings and chance to create crafts. Well, thank you to my friend, Amanda (whose blog you can go check out) I am starting to get in the mood to start decorating my home in Fall decor. Hobby Lobby, here I come, and I hope to come with some gift cards... my birthday is in September... hint hint. :O)
Below are a couple of crafts that I will maybe try to attempt.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caitlyn's First Day of School (after pictures)

Caitlyn had a GREAT first day at school. I didn't hear every detail of how great it was... she was very vague, but she did say she liked it and did like her teacher. She told me that she did make some friends, but they cant talk during class time. They can only talk after they raise their hand. :O)

I love this picture. It is of Caitlyn showing me how they walk down the hallways. "Hug yourself and catch a bubble."

Today Caitlyn rode the bus for the first time. She was excited and finally gave me that excited smile once she was on the bus and waved to me from her seat. I think she was nervous that she would miss the bus. So once on it, she knew that everything was ok and she would get to school fine. Caitlyn has been wanting to ride the bus forever. For years when we would be in our car and we would see a bus, she would tell me that she wanted to ride one.
So, I am anxiously waiting for 3:30 to get here so that I can meet her at the bus stop and see how she liked riding the bus and also how today went. And wouldn't you know it, on her first day of riding the bus, it looks like it is gonna rain.

UPDATE: She did not like riding the bus. I asked her why. She told me that when she gets out of school she wants to see mommy and the bus is not fast enough. *sniff* Also, she had that feeling that she would never get home, so that worried her.

So we will see what we will do. I told her we may compromise and I take her to school in the mornings and she ride the bus in the afternoons. That way we have more time in the mornings and I can let the babies sleep longer in the afternoons. The school is only 5 minutes away, so I think that this may work best.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Caitlyn's First Day of School

Well, today finally and actually happened. My baby is growing up. Caitlyn did great today. She was a bit nervous, but who isn't on a first day of school. She did not cry, me on the other hand did tear up a bit, two times. When I grew up, my mom and I would always pray before I left the house. We would pray that I would be protected during the day, that I would be like Jesus and to have a great day. I love that tradition that we had and so I started it today with Caitlyn. That is when I first teared up and I also teared when we were walking down the halls at school and I mentioned that the teachers in the hallway were there to help her if she were to ever get lost and not be able to find her classroom. I dont know why I teared up on the second one. Maybe it was because being lost and not finding her classroom has been something that has concerned Caitlyn for a while and so maybe it was cause the teachers would be the ones to help her and not me.
Here are 3 of the 100's of pictures that I REALLY wanted to take, but Caitlyn was done taking pictures once we got to her classroom. So here are the "before" pictures and I am going to take more, the "after" pictures when I pick her up from school.
In her classroom. Once we walked in was when her nervousness set in a bit. But she did great.
This picture was actually the first one I took... how it got to be last in this post, I have no clue.

Monday, August 16, 2010


The other night we went over to our good friends house, the Moody's for dinner. A YUMMY dinner I must add. After eating dinner, we just hung out and enjoyed each others company... in between running and trying to find or keep up with Micah. Well, one of the times we went looking for him and where he ran off to... this is what we found. He found Kelly's trunk-of-fun. Actually that is not what it is called... but I bet you if we were to ask Micah, he would have called it that. He found HATS and shoes in this trunk and was having a ball playing with them. I freaked a bit, cause it was a very nice display that Kelly had in her formal dining room, but Kelly did not mind and let Micah continue to play in the "trunk-of-fun." Thank you Kelly for being so sweet and allowing him to play with the hats and shooos (shoes). He LOVED it.

He thought Kelly was HILARIOUS when he had her put multiple hats on her head. He laughed so hard.
Thank you again, Kelly. We love you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Trip Out

Well, I finally did it. I had my first trip out with 3... on my own. I guess it really doesn't count, cause I did have some help. BUT, I guess I would still consider this as our first trip out. We went last Thursday, when Ky was a week and a couple of days old, to Nonni's for Caitlyn's piano lesson. I did load the kiddos up all by myself, but Nonni came out and greeted us when we arrived and helped me load them up when we left... which I am and was FULLY grateful for!
So how did I do??? I think I did pretty well. We made it there all in one piece and I remembered EVERYTHING... except for Micah's Blanket and Binky (a "just in case" thing to have)... and Caitlyn's piano lesson books. (In my defense... I thought she was finished with her books and beginning new ones, haha.) :O)