Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Post

Guess what...Daniel wrote another's good too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One more crazy quirk to add to my previous list of crazy quirks

Ok, I thought of another quirk I have.  

7.  I cannot stand buffets.  I will only go if I HAVE to.  The reason for this quirk:
     I have seen a kid drop a buffet utensil on the floor, say oops and then put in back in the food.  
     I really dont want to pay the same price for food as a man who eats twice the amount of food that I do 
    If I am gonna go out for food at a restraurant, I would like to have it hot, not just "kept warm."

Well those are my reasons, I dont think I am asking too much...thanks mom for reminding me...I cant believe I forgot this one.   Hehe


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Come to Realize...

1. I've come to reali​ze that my legs.​.​.are the thing I like LEAST about me.
2. I've come to reali​ze that my job.​.​.is now being a full time mother...yea!
3. I've come to reali​ze that when I'm drivi​ng.​.​.I I like to sing.
4. I've come to reali​ze that I need.​.​.​.to have "me" time sometimes
5. I've come to reali​ze that I have lost.​.​.my ability to remember stuff when I had Cailtyn and I am nervous that I am going to be even more forgetful when Micah arrieves.
6. I've come to reali​ze that I hate it when.​.​.I am not in control. Not necessarily be the one i charge...but just not "lost and not in control."
7. I've come to reali​ze that when I'm drink​ing.​.​.​.Well...I got a bun in the drinking hasnt happened in quite a while. :)
8. I've come to reali​ze that money​.​.​.is something you can never have enough of... I agree with you Amanda.
9. I've come to reali​ze that certa​in peopl​e.​.​.can annoy you to no end
10. I've come to reali​ze that who I have a crush​ on.​.​.is the man that I married...and each day I am more and more glad thtai chose him.
12. I've come to reali​ze that my mom.​.​.​.may love my daughter more than me. hehe....I know you're reading this mom. :)
13. I've come to reali​ze that my cell phone​.​.​.also has solitare on it.
14. I've come to reali​ze that when I woke up this morni​ng.​.​.​.I was not ready to get up yet.
15. I've come to reali​ze that last night​ befor​e I went to sleep​.​.​. I was really tired.
16. I've come to reali​ze that right​ now I am think​ing about​.​.​.​.how I need to switch the laundry
17. I've come to reali​ze that my dad.​.​.​.​.is very sweet and gentle.

Ok, there are more questions that i could do...but I am all done answering questions. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ok...I guess it is time to blog again

Ok, Happy Birthday to me.  Guess who came for my birthday...Hurricane Ike.  I feel so honored.  Sheesh.  The day wasnt horrible...but you know of course it could have been better.  We have some trees that fell in the back yard and one that is hanging suspended over our kitchen.  The only thing keeping the tree from falling...the deck that is slowly coming up.  So...for safety and sanity, We came out to my sister in laws house to get into some air conditioning and electricity.  We celebrated Sat night and sang Happy Birthday.  On Sunday we also went to my parents house to celebrate my birthday and have a birthday lunch.  I got lots of money on a gift card to Hobby Lobby from my parents and brother/soon to be sis-n-law.  They said...its only $.... dollars...but then I told them is like twice that... Hobby Lobby always has 50% of deals.  so yea!!!  Now that I get to stay home more...thank you to Daniels gift to me...I have more time to be crafty and try to make my house more into a home.  :)  I am very thrilled about that.  It would just be nice to be able to start...once the electricity comes back on.  :)  

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My little quirks

I have been tagged by Emily & Jessica to share my quirks. I cant think of any right now...but I know if I think really hard...I can EASILY come up with MORE than 6. :)

Here are the rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking to them.
5. Leave a comment for each tagged blogger that they've been tagged.

My quirks:

1.) I never close cabinet doors. It really drives Daniel nuts...cause he runs right into them cause of his height. I can easily walk under them...but not him. The reason I hate to close cabinet doors...I HATE the noise it makes. I dont like the slam!

2.) To put my makeup on...I sit not on the bathroom counter... but in the bathroom sink. It is more comfortable that way.

3.) When it is cold outside, at bedtime I tuck my pjs into my socks. I look my sexiest when I do that. ;)

4.) I hate for my food to touch and mix with each other. I realized this quirk when I was a flight attendant and my roommate at our hotel/apartment went and got/brought us back breakfast. On my plate she had all my favorites and with a napkin...she got a napkin, rolled it up and separated my food choices. :) I thought that was the sweetest thing she could do...cause it showed me that she really knew me...but then wigged me out...cause that showed me that I was weird.

5.) If I am cooking...the kitchen LOOKS like someone has been cooking in it...there are ingredients, utensils and such all over the counters. But if Daniel is cooking...I am right behind him picking/cleaning up EVERYTHING and putting it away... even when he is not done with it. Ex. He could go to the drawer, get a spoon to stir something, stir, put it down to get something out of the pantry. That is when I swoop in and put it in the dishwasher. Daniel gets frustrated cause he needs that spoon to mix in the ingredients from the pantry.

6.) This one is not big...but everytime I go to get my hair done at the salon...I have to go home and style it myself. The hairstylist could have done an amazing job...but still no matter what...I have to go fix it myself at home.

I have no clue how to tag or link people to tag I am just gonna jot down their names and let them now. :) Ok, I tag my hubby Daniel, Sandra Kozlowski, Andrea Leu, Rachel Cobb, Stacie Cooper and Amanda Eck. Have fun and I look forward to hearing ya'lls little quirks. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I saw this and thought it was cute

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Picture I Saw While I Was Snooping Around In This Blog World

WOW! Ummm, is it possible that we can OVER PREPARE for the hurricanes that they say are coming???

Project Astros

I love to have projects to do. Crafty ones are even better! Now that I am almost done with work and I get to be a stay at home mom...Thursday is my last day...2 days left, I am welcoming projects to do. Caitlyn loves to join me too in these projects. She gets very excited.
Well it is getting to that time that I start working on Micah's room. We chose the "old-school" Astros theme as his room's decor. The Navy, Orange and White colors. Cooperstown Throwback Astros...I hope I said that right. Well...have you ever looked online for "old-school" Astros stuff??? tends to get expensive. So, so far we went online and found some great old pictures to print and frame for his room and also I do have some things, wooden pegs that I wanna paint to hang his teeny tiny baseball hat and little shoes on. Here is the challenge...for me and for you. :) If you are ever out, at a garage sale or yard sale or something like that...and you see "old school" Astros stuff, at a GREAT price...PLEASE let me know so we can add to our collection. We would greatly appreciate it.
Here are a couple of pics that we found...check out those hairstyles. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Finally a Prego Pic

Ok, I finally got all my ducks in order.  First, I kept on forgetting to take a pic of my growing belly.  When I would remember...I was definitely not presentable to take a pic of, at least that is what my opinion is.  :)  Then finally I took this picture.  Then when I decided to download it on the computer at work...I was out of batteries.  Now that I have batteries...I left the cord to transfer at work.  SHEESH.  So, is the latest of the growing bump.  This is me at 20 weeks.  :)  

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ok guys, you gotta check out my friends jewelry site.   OR just click on "Marler Family" in my friends blog list.  

It is all homemade jewelry and there are some great items.  She is so crafty.  Check out one of the rings she made for me.  :)  LOVE it and I get compliments on it all the time.  

Week 21

Tomorrow I am at week is what the size of my baby is assumed to be.  :)

Monday, September 1, 2008



I found this on another blog, and thought it was fun, play along if you want!

***It's generally pretty quiet around the blogosphere on holidays.  Just for fun, I thought I'd pull out this meme (Chain letter) I found.  In honor of Labor Day, it's about...well, labor.  And not the kind you get a day off for either.

How long was your labor?
I went in the day after Caitlyn was due and was induced.  We started at 7:00am and Caitlyn was born almost 14 hours.

How did you know you were in labor?
The contractions.  They got stronger and stronger once we broke my water.  NOT fun.

Where did you deliver?
Memorial Hermann -- The Woodlands

YES MA'AM...bring them on, I have nothing to prove.

I was TERRIFIED at first to get an epidural...have you seen the needle that they use?  I havent...but I have heard about it.  Daniel thinks it was pretty funny that I was scared before my epidural and then after my epidural...that I "Fell in love" with the anethesiologist.  (sp?)

No, Caitlyn came naturally with a couple of pushes.

Who delivered?
  The nurses REALLY did do all the work.  My wonderful doctor basically came to catch Caitlyn.  She didnt realize how fast Caitlyn was going to arrive.  A couple of pushes really was all it took. 


Many years ago when Daniel and I were dating/engaged we went and ate sushi with some friends of ours.  They had a young son, about 1 1/2 years old and we were BLOWN away to see how much this kid had an appetite for sushi.  The parents were not shoving it down his throat or bribing him to eat all on his plate.  But he ate it like it was one of his favorites and would ask for more.  Daniel and I were amazed.  We told each other that one day we wanted our children to be like not be picky and eat what they are served.  To have a taste for different dishes, to be well rounded, that was our goal.  So...many years later...we introduced Caitlyn, at about the same age to sushi...and she has loved it ever since.  She will even request it for lunch if we ask her were she would like to go.  :)  So here is a picture of Caitlyn eating Sashimi, raw tuna.  She LOVES it and will polish the plate clean.  It is very rare to get a quiet moment from Caitlyn, but when we eat peep from her...cause she is busy using her chop sticks and eating her "SHUSHI."