Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One more crazy quirk to add to my previous list of crazy quirks

Ok, I thought of another quirk I have.  

7.  I cannot stand buffets.  I will only go if I HAVE to.  The reason for this quirk:
     I have seen a kid drop a buffet utensil on the floor, say oops and then put in back in the food.  
     I really dont want to pay the same price for food as a man who eats twice the amount of food that I do 
    If I am gonna go out for food at a restraurant, I would like to have it hot, not just "kept warm."

Well those are my reasons, I dont think I am asking too much...thanks mom for reminding me...I cant believe I forgot this one.   Hehe



Andrea said...

Our townhouse received no damage during the storm, thank goodness! My whole family ended up staying at my sister's house in Tomball during the hurricane, and her area got hit pretty hard. Luckily for her, she just had some fallen trees. The power was off the entire time we were there, so we had some hot, rough nights, but then my Mom got her electricity back, so we all drove over to her place & stayed with her for a few days. Our electricity came back on in our townhouse on the Wednesday after the storm, so Giff & I were able to go home. I feel very lucky that all we had to deal with was no electricity! Looking around, it's easy to see that it could have been much worse! I'm glad you and your family are doing okay! How are you feeling?!? I can't believe you are already 24 weeks along! Time has flown!

Lacey said... either. YUCK!!

The only buffet I like is sweet tomatoes.

It was great to see you last night. I forgot to tell you on Sunday you were awesome. You have an amazing voice. You sounded so good up there harmonizing with the hubby. Gave me chills. :0) Hope to see you up there again!

Anonymous said...

You are definetly not alone with this quirk. At least you know why you have it. I on the other hand have no idea.
Oh and our blog moved, just a little FYI from Absolutely Anglin to
Ps. I love the name Micah!