Friday, February 19, 2010

Precious Baby #3 is a BOY

I was wrong... I sooooooo thought that this one was a girl. This pregnancy has mimicked my pregnancy with Caitlyn. Nothing similar with Micah's. I guess I am living proof that each pregnancy is different and that nothing is ever the same twice. The chinese calendar was wrong with this one too. I am shocked. Daniel somehow knew that it was a boy... and yes, I admit it... he is right.

I actually said many times that I would be happy either way with what God gave us. I am. It was just a weird feeling hearing them say boy and feeling my heart drop just a teeny tiny bit. I didnt realize how much I was looking forward to doing that "girl thang" again with the bows and dresses. But then again, I think about my Micah and how he has me wrapped around his cute little finger and also think about how much fun he is. He is a blast and wow is all I can say when I think of two little "blasts" running around my home. Good thing we have a backyard. :o) Its gonna be fun here at the Pratt house.

So, we are now thinking names... feel free to share some good ones... we dont have a name set in stone.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What Are You Precious Baby #3?

Well this week is the week to get your guess on. We have an appointment on Friday to guess what our precious little baby is. (That is if the baby isn't shy and hides.) So... in the upper right hand corner of the blog page is where you can place your vote. I have a feeling of what it is... but I wont say till Friday when I announce what this baby is. Go ahead and guess... I am eager to hear what you think it could be.

(Of course since I dont think it says that "Shaniqua" voted boy or "Charmaine" voted girl, would you also leave a comment saying what you guessed. Thanks) :o)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Hammer and Peg WorkBench????

Or a place to set up your little dolls???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Picture Buffet

This first trimester has been hard and not fun at all. So that is what I am blaming my procrastination on my blogging on. To kinda catch up on things, I have a few pictures below that have been worthy of me getting my cell phone out and taking their pictures.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a friends wedding. It was a beautiful and FUN wedding and great memories we will have from that wedding. Anyways, Caitlyn LOVES to go to weddings now and really looks forward to see the bride. Watching the bride enter the chapel is the highlight of her day. She always says what she loves about the wedding and how hers is gonna be one day. She has been this way ever since she has been a flowergirl, twice, I might add. Well, her cousin Sarah just was a flowergirl the weekend before and got the "bug" of admiring the bride as well. With that said, I thought that the below pic was one that I just could not pass up. Two girls admiring the bride and daydreaming of their day, one day.

I guess even princess teddy bears get in trouble now and then and need some time out.
I entered Micah into the BABY search contest for the Regis and Kelly show. Even though we all KNOW he should win, I know that there are millions of cuties out there and he may just be over looked. Anyways... they should announce the winner in March... so if he is a finalist... you gotta vote for him. :o)