Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cousins are fun to have at the Mall

Here is Caitlyn with one of her favorite people, her cousin Sarah.
Sweet would never think that they could be mischievous from the look of this picture. 

This is more the look of two cute girls who "aren't up to something"...hehe

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I got a camera for Christmas!!!


Guess what...I got a camera for Christmas this year.  YEA!!!  A beautiful camera that I LOVE.  I LOVE it.  Also, I can download pictures onto this computer quickly so that my blogs are up to date.  :)  I wish I could take a picture of my camera for you to see it...but since I is a picture of it from the internet.  :)  YEA!!!!!

Micah's Room

Ok, here goes...Drum Roll Please...
Here is Micah's Room>>>

Micah's first night light:  (he got it for Christmas)
Micah's Crib and AWESOME baseball rug that his daddy found.
Micah's room, view from the bedroom door.

See the bookshelf to the left...the pictures below show what is on each shelf.
Top Shelf:  See that cabbage patch kid...that belonged to Daniel when he was a little boy, the Astros outfit and all.  :)  A baseball mitt, ball and SWEAT BAND, a gift from Christmas.  :)  The framed shadow box with 5 real baseball cards was given to us as a gift from a dear friend.  She worked hard on it and it turned out great.  I love the lamp, a great find at Target.  :)
Second shelf:  Two framed baseball cards that belonged to Daniel growing up.  A signed Nolan Ryan baseball given to us from one of Daniel's good friends.  And an orange Astros stocking cap.
Bottom shelf:  this shelf contains the books we have for Micah.  A radio/cd player and a picture frame, ready for Micah's picture.  Notice the two baseballs...the bigger one on the left is a bank from Hobby Lobby...LOVE that place.  The smaller baseball is a SIGNED baseball from everyone on the team in 1980 something.  :)  Actually, it is a signed ball from Daniel's baseball team when he was a little it.  :) 
So here is his room...we are ready and waiting for you Micah.  :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

You may have to turn your computer up.

Merry Christmas

Love , The Pratts

Gingerbread House pt 2

Here is the final project from my two sweeties!

Christmas is Tomorrow

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Monday, December 15, 2008

35 1/2 Weeks

Ok, I know I have slacked a bit with the pictures...but here is one that is on Sunday, December 14...I am 35 1/2 weeks along. I measured my belly and I measure at 43 inches. I grew an inch in a week...yikes! Let's just say that "it is ALL belly."

Gingerbread House Pt. 1

Caitlyn and daddy are working on building a gingerbread house this year. Here are the first few steps. They haven't finished it more pics to come soon.

I love the look on caitlyn's face..."daddy, can you go any faster???" (It almost looks like she is drumming her fingers)


Our Snow Pictures

Ok, everyones got is ours. Our snow pictures. :) Lately Caitlyn has been watching some Christmas movies and seeing snow...of course she then tells us, "I've never seen snow before." Well, now I guess she cant say that any more. Well, at least she HAS seen TEXAS snow. Well she had a great time. BUT...who had more fun with the snow...see if you can tell from these pics.

Our first snowman:

I think Daniel wins, can you see the HUGE smile on his face? He was outside ALMOST all day enjoying the snow and Christmas spirit. We had to be careful...cause he started a snowball fight.

Baby in Camo

A couple of Mondays, Guys Night's ago Daniel came home with a present that one of his friends brought for Micah. He handed me the gift bag to open, the gift bag I should have taken a picture of, but anyways it had a beautiful scenery pic and a couple of deer on it. Already not something that I would imagine putting a baby gift in. I giggled at the gift bag and Daniel said, just you wait til you open it, with a huge grin on hs face. I opened the gift bag and this is what I saw:

Daniel then exclaimed, It's REAL camo. Micah will actually be able to wear REAL camo. Oh, if you were able to see the look on daniels face and how proud he was. I just giggled and laughed. The gift was / is a wonderful gift and I dont know what I was more proud of... The fact that Daniel is getting his chance to "dress up" his son the way a boy should dress, or that he has made some wonderful friends that truly know Daniel and what makes him smile.

Check out this bottle, it says Junior Member. :)

Here is the onesie, bib and booties:

Evening at the mall

Christmas is Coming

Ok, this picture was taken at the beginning of December. Christmas is on its way. Here is a picture of Caitlyn having her FIRST Hot chocolate. she LOVED it.

After the hot chocolate we had a movie night and watched Polar Express. A great idea at first...but eventually we turned it off...she wasnt too crazy about the stressful scenes. Daniel and I had not realized how stressful of a movie it is. Wow.

Another hot chocolate picture...but this one she is eating the marshmellows out of it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok, I have a couple of cute stories about Caitlyn watching Cinderella for the first time today.  I know we are a bit behind, but anyways.  

First story:
   Caitlyn enjoyed Cinderella...but the part where the stepsisters tear at Cinderellas dress,  tearing her blue beads and sashes.   Caitlyn got VERY upset about that situation.  YOu should have seen was like she had her own soap box to preach off of.  I loved watching her be so opinionated about this subject.  She voiced her opinion of how "that was VERY wrong for them to come and tear up her dress like that.  They need to share.  Mommy, they need a spanking.  Who is going to spank them?  Is their step mother gonna spank them???"  I told her no, the step mother was just as mean  as they were and wasnt going to do anything.  She also had a hard time understanding that when you get older you dont get spanked as much.  YOu learn your lessons other ways.  I dont think she liked that answer and was very much for them getting a spanking because it made Cinderella cry.          I love how sweet and thoughtful Caitlyn is of other people.  I hope she keeps that wonderful quality about her.

Second story:
At the part in Cinderella where Cinderella is dancing with her prince, Caitlyn announces to me that she wants to get married when she gets older.  
I said, "ok, you need to find you a good man."  
She said, "How about my daddy?"
"Well, I got your daddy, he is already taken.  You need to find someone else."
"Well, I can still dance with daddy."  
SMILE - - I love it.  I had to call Daniel immediately to tell him what she thought of him.  :)
He's our man!  

Everything went fine

Ok, so I had my visit with my new doctor yesterday and all I have to say is...I was very pleased.  My expectations and hope for a good doctor was met and exceeded.  Not only was I pleased with my new doctor...which I am glad to finally be at peace with.  :)  But the staff was wonderful as well.  Very hospitable to me and Caitlyn.  So all is well.  When I went in at 34 weeks and 2 tummy measured at 35 weeks.  So this is either a big baby...or we are ahead one week.  I am getting more and more excited to see Micah join us.  I know that Caitlyn is excited as well.  And I am sure that you all can guess how excited Daniel is that his son will be joining us soon.  But I have mixed feelings...with this being my possible last pregnancy...I dont want to wish this along too fast.  I am enjoying the kicks and squirms that I feel inside.  So Micah we are ready to see you...but you can still take some time getting here.  :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A New Doctor For Me

Ok, so now I am at 34 weeks and counting.  I am still feeling alright.  So far I have been lucky to not see or get any new stretch marks.  Well I think that is over now.  Micah is growing pretty much only in the a watermelon.  SO...the stretch marks are starting to appear.  Yuck.  So...I coat my tummy in some cocoa butter and also that stretch mark cream.  I guess you cant have too much of that stuff on.  :)  The marks are gonna come no matter what, sheesh.  I guess stretch marks are for women who dont have cameras or memory books to show and remind them that they were once pregnant.  So the marks are there for us to remember how big we were.  Right????  Well, unfortunatly a little over a week ago my ob/gyn passed away.  A tragic thing to happen because she was 38 and left behind a husband and 2 year old twins.  Very sad.  Once that had happened we decided to change doctors instead of being passed to one of her co workers.  We chose to go to Dr. Jon Rawson.  I have heard how great he is and that he has a wonderful bedside manor.  We, Daniel and I also took in consideration that since we are friends with him and his family that for mine and Micahs safety...he would be best to go to.  So that is the decision we made.  I have my first appointment tomorrow at 12:15.  We will see what they say.  I am interested in if they are just gonna pick up where my previous doctor left off and keep the due date the same, or if they are gonna re examine me and change the date.  So, we will see and I'll keep you posted.