Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok, I have a couple of cute stories about Caitlyn watching Cinderella for the first time today.  I know we are a bit behind, but anyways.  

First story:
   Caitlyn enjoyed Cinderella...but the part where the stepsisters tear at Cinderellas dress,  tearing her blue beads and sashes.   Caitlyn got VERY upset about that situation.  YOu should have seen was like she had her own soap box to preach off of.  I loved watching her be so opinionated about this subject.  She voiced her opinion of how "that was VERY wrong for them to come and tear up her dress like that.  They need to share.  Mommy, they need a spanking.  Who is going to spank them?  Is their step mother gonna spank them???"  I told her no, the step mother was just as mean  as they were and wasnt going to do anything.  She also had a hard time understanding that when you get older you dont get spanked as much.  YOu learn your lessons other ways.  I dont think she liked that answer and was very much for them getting a spanking because it made Cinderella cry.          I love how sweet and thoughtful Caitlyn is of other people.  I hope she keeps that wonderful quality about her.

Second story:
At the part in Cinderella where Cinderella is dancing with her prince, Caitlyn announces to me that she wants to get married when she gets older.  
I said, "ok, you need to find you a good man."  
She said, "How about my daddy?"
"Well, I got your daddy, he is already taken.  You need to find someone else."
"Well, I can still dance with daddy."  
SMILE - - I love it.  I had to call Daniel immediately to tell him what she thought of him.  :)
He's our man!  


Sandra Kozlowski said...

Cinderella is my all time favorite Disney movie!! I love the new Pixar movies, but they just are not like this movie. That is so cool that you watched that with her and that she was so animated about it. Daniel watches Spiderman and climbs the walls. lol

Kristyn said...

How CUTE!!! Daddies are the best for little girls!!

Emily said...

That is PRECIOUS! What a sweet heart she has. Masie has never mentioned anything about the step sisters needing discipline, and she hasn't mentioned getting married either. That's so funny!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

What a cute story!!