Saturday, December 27, 2008

Micah's Room

Ok, here goes...Drum Roll Please...
Here is Micah's Room>>>

Micah's first night light:  (he got it for Christmas)
Micah's Crib and AWESOME baseball rug that his daddy found.
Micah's room, view from the bedroom door.

See the bookshelf to the left...the pictures below show what is on each shelf.
Top Shelf:  See that cabbage patch kid...that belonged to Daniel when he was a little boy, the Astros outfit and all.  :)  A baseball mitt, ball and SWEAT BAND, a gift from Christmas.  :)  The framed shadow box with 5 real baseball cards was given to us as a gift from a dear friend.  She worked hard on it and it turned out great.  I love the lamp, a great find at Target.  :)
Second shelf:  Two framed baseball cards that belonged to Daniel growing up.  A signed Nolan Ryan baseball given to us from one of Daniel's good friends.  And an orange Astros stocking cap.
Bottom shelf:  this shelf contains the books we have for Micah.  A radio/cd player and a picture frame, ready for Micah's picture.  Notice the two baseballs...the bigger one on the left is a bank from Hobby Lobby...LOVE that place.  The smaller baseball is a SIGNED baseball from everyone on the team in 1980 something.  :)  Actually, it is a signed ball from Daniel's baseball team when he was a little it.  :) 
So here is his room...we are ready and waiting for you Micah.  :)


Kristyn said...

Yeah!!! SO cute!! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

Micah's room looks great!!! I am SO looking forward to meeting him!

Rachel said...

It looks terrific! How are you feeling? I know you are ready to meet your little guy. I guess I need to get started on the baby's room! EEeek! My mom's coming down next week to get everything fixed up. Now, you can just relax until he gets here! I love all the sentimental items!

Anna Spradley said...

OK Oh my Gosh! I know this seems random but that is our EXACT alarm clock/cd player. I've had it since I was in High school! Weird.