Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Pictures From Last Weekend

Here are some pictures for you to see...of who else other than Caitlyn. :)These were taken last weekend at Daniel's parents bay house on TIKI Island.

Swimming. Even though you dont see it in this picture...Ellie, Daniel's parents black lab would come into the pool and "Swim" with Caitlyn periodocally.

Caitlyn LOVED that momma kitty would let her pick her up. This was something that happened ALL the time.
Ready to go for a boat ride with Daddy and Pappa Fred.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It has been a long time since I have written

Ok, I noticed that it has been a long time since I have written.  Since Monday.  Hmmmm, so what has happened since Monday?  We went to Daniel's parents house on TIKI island on Tuesday evening.  We got there around 9:30pm and Caitlyn was wired when we got there.  5 minutes from the house we are trying to keep her awake to see Nonni and Pappa.  When we get there...there was no way we were gonna put her to bed at any time soon.

Connie, Daniel's mom took Caitlyn and I to Moody Gardens on Wednesday while Daniel and his dad went fishing.  VERY fun for us.  We saw the Aquarium and the Rain Forest exhibits.  Caitlyn did great.  We, Daniel and I forgot her stroller at my poor baby Caitlyn had to walk the entire time.  She was a trooper.  She did so well.  No complaining at all.  I will insert some pics soon of our visit.  We kinda lazed around on Thursday and then I had to pack up my stuff to come home early.  I had some work to catch up on and also a wedding to work this weekend.  Caitlyn was ok with me leaving...that meant time that she gets to spend with her nonni.  We had to tell her that I was leaving and to COME give me a hug and kiss goodbye...otherwise I would have to be happy with a wave from Caitlyn.  Daniel and the baby are still at TIKI and having a great time...I hear they are taking some pictures for me.  So soon you will get to see what fun we had.  :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogs & Blah

Ok, so today is Monday and Caitlyn and I are hanging out together while Daniel is hanging out with his boys.  Caitlyn and I are about to have a girls night.  We just finished with our baths and now we are in bed and about to cuddle and watch a movie.  This is my way to make it fun for Caitlyn...and I get the chance to relax and lay in bed.  How great is that?  I think I am on the doorstep of nautiousness and blah feelings.  I am DEFINITLY tired and worn out everyday now.  But, this morning I woke up fine...and as the morning went on...I got more the "Blah/yuck" feeling.  So as fast as I could, I tried to remedy it by grabbing something to eat to make that feeling go away.  It worked.  So if this is how it is going to least I know how to fix the nausia feeling.  Boo...snacking a LOT will cause me to gain some weight that I dont want to deal with after baby Pratt comes.  So I guess healthy I come.  

It has been a couple of days since I last blogged, so I figured I would write a short note and also plug my hubby's blog.  You can get to his page through mine.  I think he is a way better writer than I am.  I also think he is really cute.  ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Me and My Girls

I got some great friends. These are some good people. :)

Love you guys!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What My Mother's Day Was Like

This year's Mother's Day turned out to be a pretty great.

Caitlyn and Daddy made me a card and cleaned the house for me. Which was wonderful. I have been so busy the past few days and so cleaning the house is not something that I was able to get to. The crazy thing is...Daniel can clean the house better than I can. So, maybe I should be busy more often. :)

Mother's Day started a bit early. Daniel and I have been trying for a baby #2 for a few months now and all I have to say is...we are not having to try anymore. :) We took the test on Friday, May 9 and it came out positive. A strong positive. So we are thrilled and I have to say that is a GREAT Mother's Day Present to me. Caitlyn is happy about it. If you ask her what she wants it to be...she will say that she wants it to be a girl. Of course Daddy and I are hoping for a boy. But either way, we will be happy. We tried so hard to keep it a secret until Mother's Day. We had Caitlyn create 2 cards that both said "I am going to be a big sister!" She colored on them and did a great job. And then she gave one to my mom at our Mother's Day lunch and one to Daniel's mom at our Mother's Day Ice Cream evening. They both had great surprise looks on their faces...I wish I took a pic for you to see. So now we are waiting for it's arrival. After putting in the numbers and calculating...the date seems to be January 14, 2009. So I have a teeny, tiny baby the size of a sesame seed in me. So yea!
Here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy! What sweet words to hear...especially if you didnt prompt her to say it. :)

Caitlyn LOVED this!

My little girl is starting to really be a daddy's little girl. *sniff*


Caitlyn and her cousin, Sarah having some Mother's Day icecream at TCBY! Caitlyn was really good at sharing her ice cream with Sarah.

This is My Mother's Day Hug. Look How tightly she hugs...they are GREAT hugs. She is my Angel Baby!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Music Night at Market Street

Ok, so last night we went to Music Night at Market Street. Caitlyn got to see and hang out with Masie. She was thrilled to get to hang out with her friend. Daniel and I also had a nice evening enjoying the music and hanging out with Jason, Mike and Jessica. Here is a video of Caitlyn and Masie having a great time. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our New Home

Ok, I havent taken all the pictures I would like of our new home yet. But there is a reason for house is not in the order that I would like...yet. We are still planning on making Caitlyns room really cute with some furniture that my Aunt Joy is giving us. Beautiful Ethan Allen Furniture. And then we are to get new furniture for our bedroom. So once that is all pics will be on the way. But here are a couple of pics. Yes, we are planning on keeping it simple.

Our Beautiful Entryway! It is sooo big.

Like my "midget window" in my kitchen? Thanks Jen for naming that window. :)

Yes, I was watching Home Improvement! :)

Look at those beautiful high ceilings!!!

Check out our stone fire place. The front of the house is stone too. LOTS of personality.

More pics to come of the backyard and our AMAZING deck.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5 Cinco De Mayo Part 2

Ok, I got a little more time to add more pics from the festival. These are of Caitlyn and her best friend, Masie. They are so sweet and funny when they are together. Good Friends!

Look at them reading their new books. Very involved in the story.

Best Friends!!!

Tootie!!!!! (What Caitlyn says instead of "Cheese," thanks to Aunt Sharon for that)

May 5 Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo to all of you guys! Crazy weather today, huh?

So what is going on in the Pratt World?

Well on Saturday , May 3, 2008 our church participated in an Annual Festival in Tamina. Tamina is located on the East side of I-45. The other side of Research Forest. A little area that no one really likes to know exists. Well, the community center hosts a festival every year to raise money for the children to be able to participate in summer activities. The families in Tamina cannot affored such activities, so Shirly Grimes, the direstor, created this festival to raise the money. This year was a SUCCESS and TONs of fun. Here are a few pics to show how much fun Caitlyn had.

This is the first time that Caitlyn has ever ridden a horse. I was shocked that she was VERY willing to get on and ride. She had a great time and those ladies said she was very relaxed with the horse. Look at her having a great time!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008

Ok, today is the first day of my blogging life.  So bear with me as I learn this stuff.  Yes, that is me if you have no clue what I look like.  I look like that...just with shorter hair.  If anyone has any hints and ideas on ways to make this more interesting for you guys to read...please let me know.  :)  I am trying to insert pictures and see how it if this looks funny...I am a beginner.  

Right now I am creating this my in-laws new beautiful house in Galveston.  Tiki Island to be exact.  Very nice.  I would add some pictures to this post so ya'll can see how it looks...I did bring my camera...but forgot the batteries.  Sheesh.  Maybe next time.

Caitlyn got to go fishing today with her Pappa Fred and Daddy.  I dont think she caught a thing.  I am sure she would have let me know if she did.  

Ok, well Good Night to all of you and I am going to check around for ideas on how to make my page better.  :)

P.s. See many of you guys tomorrow.  :)

Ok, I came back...and brought some pictures with me.