Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Pictures From Last Weekend

Here are some pictures for you to see...of who else other than Caitlyn. :)These were taken last weekend at Daniel's parents bay house on TIKI Island.

Swimming. Even though you dont see it in this picture...Ellie, Daniel's parents black lab would come into the pool and "Swim" with Caitlyn periodocally.

Caitlyn LOVED that momma kitty would let her pick her up. This was something that happened ALL the time.
Ready to go for a boat ride with Daddy and Pappa Fred.


Lacey said...

I am sorry you are so sick. I would be happy to whip you up a remedy!! Daniel said you had a stomach bug also?? I bet that is nice to have on top of morning sickness...Ugh. Hang in there- I know it is hard.

Lacey said...

hey send me an email and I will make something for you. I'm Hope your having an okay week.