Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our New Home

Ok, I havent taken all the pictures I would like of our new home yet. But there is a reason for house is not in the order that I would like...yet. We are still planning on making Caitlyns room really cute with some furniture that my Aunt Joy is giving us. Beautiful Ethan Allen Furniture. And then we are to get new furniture for our bedroom. So once that is all pics will be on the way. But here are a couple of pics. Yes, we are planning on keeping it simple.

Our Beautiful Entryway! It is sooo big.

Like my "midget window" in my kitchen? Thanks Jen for naming that window. :)

Yes, I was watching Home Improvement! :)

Look at those beautiful high ceilings!!!

Check out our stone fire place. The front of the house is stone too. LOTS of personality.

More pics to come of the backyard and our AMAZING deck.


Amanda said...

too cute! Where's the new digs?