Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2, 2008

Ok, today is the first day of my blogging life.  So bear with me as I learn this stuff.  Yes, that is me if you have no clue what I look like.  I look like that...just with shorter hair.  If anyone has any hints and ideas on ways to make this more interesting for you guys to read...please let me know.  :)  I am trying to insert pictures and see how it if this looks funny...I am a beginner.  

Right now I am creating this my in-laws new beautiful house in Galveston.  Tiki Island to be exact.  Very nice.  I would add some pictures to this post so ya'll can see how it looks...I did bring my camera...but forgot the batteries.  Sheesh.  Maybe next time.

Caitlyn got to go fishing today with her Pappa Fred and Daddy.  I dont think she caught a thing.  I am sure she would have let me know if she did.  

Ok, well Good Night to all of you and I am going to check around for ideas on how to make my page better.  :)

P.s. See many of you guys tomorrow.  :)

Ok, I came back...and brought some pictures with me.  


Lacey Morgan said...

Welcome to the blogging world Chrissy! It looks Great! My blog is black/white also. :0) See you tonight.

Kristyn said...

Hey girl. Your blog looks good. You can go to to find layouts. That is where I got mine. See you tonight at church!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

YEA for joining the blogging world!!! Conn and I were just talking about y'all yesterday! :) See ya soon.

Rachel said...

So glad you've caved to the pressure of having a blog. juust kidding. Glad you've joined us blogging slalkers!