Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Silly Little Girl

I love hearing my daughter talk. Dont get me wrong...I do cherish the silence when she ever decides to stop talking. But I love hearing how things come out of her mouth. Last night we watched "So You Think You Can Dance," a favorite of mine. Well, Caitlyn decided that she wanted to dance too like the dancers. So shortly after the show ended...Caitlyn began and went on and on and on. Lots and lots of dancing and she was having a blast!!! Of course it soon became bedtime and once we finally got her into bed with prayers said, I gave a sigh of relief that the day was done. Nope, after about 5 minutes Caitlyn called for me, I of course sent in Daddy. This calling me after 5 minutes thing is usually a way to "stay up later" I waited for the verdict of what was wrong when Daniel came back laughing.
"What was up???"
"Caitlyn said that her legs hurt. so I said, "they do? Why?"
She responded with, "Because, I think they need to dance some more."
All Daniel could do was try to keep a straight face and just say that they can dance tomorrow.
:) Things kids say. LOVE IT!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Caitlyn and Sarah

Cousins are fun to have. They play so well together and have fun screaming like girls. (which we keep on having to remind them to use their inside voice)
Enjoy these pics of them playing on the piano. The last one is a video. :)
" Look Sarah, This is how you do it."

A Picture of My Girl!

Caitlyn in her Sunday dress, picking flowers for Mommy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It is now Official

It is now official. We have started. Our new church, Woodlands Point Community Church opened it's doors yesterday, Sunday June 15th. I think everything went GREAT! I am sure there were some "oops" and "oh no's" that happened yesterday like all things do when something is new. BUT, it was never noticable. VERY professional, yet a great family feel. The people who are involved in making it all happen are wonderful and we are blessed to have them join us in this new adventure. I have to say that I am very pleased and love my new church. Yea, I get to go back next week, and the next, and the next and the next... (wink, wink Emily.)


If you're interested in checking it is our website:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Have A Wonderful Husband

Ok, it is now my turn to brag on my husband. I would like to tell you how wonderful he is. He has always been my best friend...even way before we began dating. We always have clicked and got along well. Sometimes I wonder why he puts up with me or chose to be with me. But I am lucky...cause he picked ME out of everyone out there and I have to say, he is a cutie. :) I have always thought he was funny. But sometimes he thinks he isnt and that we just have the same humor...and it is only us who are laughing. But life with my Daniel is fun. Enjoy the pictures below of my wonderful hubby.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Angel Baby!

Happy Birthday!
My Caitlyn turns 3 today!

We had just put on a party hat that the elastic part hat just popped her chin. June 2006
Caitlyn has always been a fan of bubbles! March 2007
Crawfish Boil/Easter Weekend 2007
Father's Day 2007
2nd Birthday 2007 Summer 2007

October 2007
Halloween 2007

Valentines 2008

Riding a Motorcycle with Daddy March 2008

May 2008

My baby is growing up!

I know it has been forever!

Ok, I know it has been forever since I last blogged. I really do enjoy the blogging and keeping up with everyone. But these days have not been too fun. Just get me past the first trimester and I promise I will be back to myself again...I hope.
We had a family birthday party for Caitlyn on Friday night. My baby is 3. *Sniff* On Tuesday, Caitlyn, Daddy and I went to Party City to decide the theme of the party. We grabbed one plate of every theme and then layed them out for Caitlyn to choose. And the winner was..."Abby Cadabby!" By a landslide. :) If you are unfamiliar with who Abby Cadabby is...she is the newest character on Sesame Street. She is 3 also and is a fairy in training. VERY cute!!! So, that is what we decided to Abby Cadabby fairy party. Enjoy the pictures!

Caitlyn got a bike from Mommy and Daddy for her birthday. She is getting the hang of it...slowly but surely.
Isnt she a cutie??? Everyone singing Happy Birthday to my little fairy.
Pool Toys from Uncle Bryan and Aunt Gabi
My Bathing Beauty getting ready to go into her new pool!