Saturday, October 25, 2008

stuff we have been up to lately

Pumpkin Patch


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Count Down to Baby Room & Caitlyn Room Cuteness

Ok, So now the count down begins!

Today, my hubby went to my Aunt's house...that is about an hour away, and picked up some beautiful yellow Ethan Allen furniture that she decided she did not need any more.  This furniture has been in her family for quite a while...but it still looks GREAT!  She took wonderful care of it.  I can only hope and wish that my children are just as gentle on it as my cousins were.

Well, my goal to myself was not to start on Micah's room until I had Caitlyn's room cute-i-fied.  My wonderful Caitlyn has been so patient with her "tossed together" looking room.  She had a beautiful nursery when she was born, but once she became 2 and in came her big girl bed, which only consisted of a mattress that was on the floor...her beautiful room was no more.  But she didnt care or mind either way.  I dont think she knew that that style, a tossed together look of room was not normal.  :)  So, now that she got new furniture...we are set to get things rolling. will be coming soon of the finished product.  :)  

Thank you Aunt Joy for your generosity, we love you!!!

Week 28

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wedding Weekend Part 5

SECOND attempt at throwing the flowers

Wedding Weekend Part 4

The FIRST attempt at throwing flowers

Wedding Weekend Part 3


Wedding Weekend Part 2

Awwww, her hair...I LOVE it.  My mom tied her teal bow...the one I tied did not look so good.  :)

My brother and his best man, my dad waiting for the bride.  :)
First Dance
A pic of Caitlyn watching them dance.

My Brother's Wedding Weekend Part 1

Getting our nails painted and ready for the big weekend!
Look how cute she is in her boots.  Uncle Bryan really likes boots so we wore them just for him to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Getting Ready!!!

Pretty Girl... check out that pose.

26 Weeks

Ok, head has been cut off somewhat...but you still get the gist of my size at 26 weeks.  :)


United Methodist Church

I am really enjoying this stay at home thing.  We went to UMC...the "Methodome" to play with some of our friends at there indoor playground.  Caitlyn had a great time and I did too. 

Caitlyn's First Hair Cut

Here are a couple of pictures of Caitlyn getting her FIRST haircut.  She did so well...she did exactly what Ms Corina asked her to do.  We ended up taking off 3 inches.   

Days at My Sis n Laws after the Hurricane

Still learning Daniels turn your head sideways to view this pic.  :)

Another Girls Night Out

Ok, I know that I am way behind on here is catch up.  This was a girls night at The Grotto and also a small toast to me and my birthday.  So YEA to my friends.  :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prego Pic

Here is a picture of me and a friend of mine, Felicia.  I just clicked and dragged this pic from an email that she sent that is why the pic is small and there is some funky white box next to it.  Dont know how that happened.  This prego pic of us is us the second time around.  The funny thing is, we were pregnant at the same time with our daughters in 2005.  Felicia had Gigi first, 3 months ahead of me having Caitlyn.  This time around, Felicia is 2 months ahead of me with another girl.  I told Felicia that in this pic we look like we are the same size, but in reality...she is definitly looking like she is ready for this baby to arrive any day now...even though she has a few more weeks to go.  

This picture was taken this past Saturday night at a party at my future sis n laws apartment.  I am at 25 1/2 weeks in this pic.  :)

Week 26

Wow, I am at 26 weeks today and I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going.  Of course it does have it's slow moments, but for the most is going by fast.   It looks like I am in my final weeks of my second trimester, see, it is going by fast.  Well, I did my regular search on and the size of my baby is roughly the size of a liter bottle of soda.  I guess that is head to toe.    

Week 26
Baby's Length:  9 - 9.25 in
Baby's Weight:  2 lb.
Baby's Size:  Liter of soda

Friday, October 3, 2008

Where have I been???

Ok, so if you guys have been wondering where I have been...I have been here...but it seems my computer has been on a different planet.  Simply meaning that either I havent been able to get on it or the computer decides to run slow...and all you mothers know that there is not enough time in a day to accomplish everything AND trying to get on a SLOW computer.  :)  

I also promise to put up pics soon.  Life has flipped a bit with me being a stay at home mom.  I am so used to the computer at work and I work much faster with it.  So downloading pics at work takes no more than 5 min.  this computer is still something that I am getting used to. will be coming soon.  I also need to put a new prego pic out...I have popped out more since the last pic.  :)