Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Count Down to Baby Room & Caitlyn Room Cuteness

Ok, So now the count down begins!

Today, my hubby went to my Aunt's house...that is about an hour away, and picked up some beautiful yellow Ethan Allen furniture that she decided she did not need any more.  This furniture has been in her family for quite a while...but it still looks GREAT!  She took wonderful care of it.  I can only hope and wish that my children are just as gentle on it as my cousins were.

Well, my goal to myself was not to start on Micah's room until I had Caitlyn's room cute-i-fied.  My wonderful Caitlyn has been so patient with her "tossed together" looking room.  She had a beautiful nursery when she was born, but once she became 2 and in came her big girl bed, which only consisted of a mattress that was on the floor...her beautiful room was no more.  But she didnt care or mind either way.  I dont think she knew that that style, a tossed together look of room was not normal.  :)  So, now that she got new furniture...we are set to get things rolling. will be coming soon of the finished product.  :)  

Thank you Aunt Joy for your generosity, we love you!!!


Ashley McWhorter said...

We are re-doing 3 rooms right now. We know exactly how ya feel! Can't wait to see pictures of all the cuteness. :)

Rachel said...

I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how patient our children can be for us. It makes me wonder why I can not be as beautifully patient with them, Hahaha!
I hope the rooms are coming along great so far. I remember getting Avery's room together but it is so hard when you are trucking around a belly. That darn thing always gets in the way, hahaha!

Kristyn said...

Yes I am going to need those back :) SORRY!!!! I'm glad that Caitlyn's room is looking good!!