Friday, July 30, 2010


My little bundle, Ky is doing well.

So far:
Good Sleeper... yes.
Eater... not sure yet on that one.
Cuddler... definitely.
Binky User... maybe, but leaning more to the yes side.
Reflux... yes, think so. (so far has been sleeping in car seat at night for that propped up position.)
Cute... Overwhelming YESSSSS!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Malachi Christopher Pratt

Malachi (Ky) Christopher Pratt

Born Tuesday, July 27, 2010
7 lbs 11 oz 20 inches

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrating Ky

Ok, I have about one more week to go and I guess you can call me a procrastinator because things are just now starting to come together at the Pratt Pad for Ky to join us. This past Thursday night, July 15, 2010, I was blessed from a friend of mine who threw me a Celebration Dinner at The Grotto to celebrate the arrival of Ky. I had a wonderful time. I have to say I am blessed with some wonderful friends and I hope they all know they are loved and cherished by me and my family. Such a beautiful cake... yes, from Lindys and OOOOOOOOHHHHH was it yummy. This picture made us laugh when we first looked at it... like the monk that is in the mural over my shoulder? Thank you to Kristyn for taking some pictures that night. I cant believe I left my camera at home... on the charger in anticipation to bring with me that night.
A diaper cake from the Elliott family for Ky.

These two spit up cloths have nothing to do with the Celebration Dinner. I just wanted to include them in this post cause it is something I made specifically for Ky, today, by the way. I made spit up cloths for Caitlyn and Micah before they were born and I felt obligated to make Ky a couple as well. Gotta be fair. :O)

Here It Is

Here is the outfit made by my cousin in law, Kaylee. She made the bandana top and bow and bought the leggings. Soooo cute. I think the model helps make this outfit even cuter. :O)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Madalyns Madness

My mom told me the other day that I should be expecting a package in the mail soon for Caitlyn, Micah and Ky from my Aunt Nancy and cousin in law, Kaylee. I got it yesterday and wow was all I could say when I opened it up. What a great gift from those two. I took pictures of what my cousin in law made for Micah and Ky and will show a pic of what she made for Caitlyn, later. If you're interested at all in checking out her site, feel welcome to.

She sewed and monogramed two blankets with silkie edges... an important necessity for my kids.
She monogrammed a spit up cloth and made a diaper wipes container for Ky.
This is for Ky as well. The white circle is a little baseball.
A shirt for Micah and a onesie for Ky. CUTE! I just laughed when I saw this.
This is for Micah... and boy does she know him well. He always has some type of "ouch" on him somewhere. It is a boo boo bunny. The tag that came with it says: If a boo boo has you feeling crummy, stick an ice cube in my tummy. Hold it to your boo boo tight, soon everything will be all right!
This is for Ky. It is a bag filled with Wee Wee Teepees. You can see two that I pulled out. The tag says: Changing a baby boy is not all glitz & glory and can be a horror story! When it's time for a change, Dont be fooled, Use this little tool. Cover his wee wee with this little teepee.
Also this binkie clip is a baseball, for Ky.
Of course all of these are baseball themed and way cute. Thank you Kaylee and Aunt Nancy for such a wonderful present for my babies.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimming with the Pratts

You guessed it... there will be no bathing suit/swimming pictures of me and my belly. Sorry for the disappointment. But here are a couple of my cuties.
Micah was terrified of swimming, no joke. Bringing him into the water was not very fun. He would moan and hold onto you with a death grip. But after repeat attempts of getting into the water, he now loves it. He loves standing on the side and kinda/sorta jumping into your arms. He loves it so much, I have now had to go get one of those bathing suits that have floaties within the suit. Havent used it yet, but will soon.