Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimming with the Pratts

You guessed it... there will be no bathing suit/swimming pictures of me and my belly. Sorry for the disappointment. But here are a couple of my cuties.
Micah was terrified of swimming, no joke. Bringing him into the water was not very fun. He would moan and hold onto you with a death grip. But after repeat attempts of getting into the water, he now loves it. He loves standing on the side and kinda/sorta jumping into your arms. He loves it so much, I have now had to go get one of those bathing suits that have floaties within the suit. Havent used it yet, but will soon.


Anonymous said...

They're so cute, Chrissy! And I know what you mean about the bathing suit. haha. I bought a new suit that is like a little dress so my legs are WELL covered! lol. We're going to the beach next week for vacation so I'm not sure how many of those pics I'll be posting!

ashley said...

How fun! Glad Micah got used to the water! Abigail loves to go swimming!