Friday, June 25, 2010

This Past Week

As many of you know, Daniel had a youth camp to play at this past week with WoodsEdge. Oh how I missed him and glad he is back home. Now knowing that, he had his computer with him and that makes it really hard for me to blog, especially from my iPhone. So, here are a few pictures from this past week.

On Tuesday Caitlyn got to go to her Nonni's house to have her piano lesson and then spend the rest of the day... and night with Nonni and her cousin, Sarah. Just the girls. They had a blast. Well, actually Nonni tortured them the entire time she had them. She had the nerve to take them to Chick fil a for lunch and then Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Then they stayed up a bit and she read them books before bed. In the morning she forced them to have fun in the pool and sprinkler. :O) I know that they had a blast and I am wondering how Nonni is gonna top this sleepover. So this picture is of Caitlyn, on our way to Nonni's.
Daniel has been actually interested in gardening this past Spring. He started up a vegetable garden and then in the corner of our yard planted some sunflower seeds. Here is our very first Sunflower, and it popped up while he was gone this past week. I texted him the photo tho so he could see it. Look how tall it is... that is the top of the fence you see behind the flower.
My Micah is such a good boy... but oh how he is busy and keeps me on my toes. I do love the little surprises around every corner... or at least in this drawer. This is in my bathroom and it is my hair accessory drawer. Baseballs belong in a hair accessory drawer, dont they???


Kelly said...

Darn those torturous grandmothers! Very funny it!