Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BLOGS and Pregnancy

I was talking with my good friend, Emily the other day and we were discussing our blogs. What we thought about them, what we thought about what we wrote, if anyone read them at all and how in the world could we get them printed for scrap book reasons. I have heard for a while that there is a program out there that is pretty awesome that you could use... but I havent seen it or heard it actually being used. Hmmmm. BUT, I do know that I can do the simple print out on my computer. It's not flashy, but it works. Now knowing that, I now really want to update my blog regularly so that I have a pretty good record of memories "IN" my hands.
So, here goes:
I am 31 weeks today and progressing nicely. Basically I look like I have a basketball under my shirt, at least that is what I hear and that people say Im not carrying any where else. That's good, who really wants to carry the baby weight anywhere else. I'm feeling ok, back hurts a bit tho and it's only gonna get hotter outside. YUCK Good thing there is a pool down the street and a small version of a pool in our back yard that I could cool off in. After last weeks check up I have come to the conclusion that 1.) I have only 14 more pounds to go before Ky's delivery, before I go past my final weight gain of both Caitlyn and Micah. YIKES, think I can do it??? 2.) My tummy is measuring about 6 weeks bigger than usual. BUT, thats ok cause my wonderful doctor told me not to worry about the tummy measurement numbers. "On 2nd or 3rd baby... you're all stretched out so the numbers really dont mean anything, we really dont look at the numbers anymore." Im thinking, great... what a way to make a woman feel good about herself, you're all stretched out. Ha, I laugh about it pretty often actually. Here's a picture of me and my belly at 31 weeks.

What is this little guys name gonna be? We have chosen only the first name for sure. Nick name and middle name are still unsure. His name will be Malachi. We want to call him Ky... but how are we gonna spell it? Ky, Chi, Kai? I think it will probably be Ky. When I see Chi... I think ch-ee.
Middle name - William (my dads name), Frederick (daniel's dad's name), Christian or Christopher.
So this is what is going on in our lives these days. :O)


Lacey said...

I am in the process of printing the first 6 months of my blog. I tried first and then recently started downloading to There are a gazillion of them out there and they just keep getting better and easier to use. You look adorable and great and Ky is a great name.

Kristyn said...

I've thought about printing out mine also. I would HATE to lose all that I've written. So many memories!!! I like Ky also!! I like William as the middle name, not that my vote counts... :) You seriously look great. I wished I looked as good as you while I was preggo. Way to go girl!

Anonymous said...

You look great, Chrissy! This being my first, the weight gain has been a completely new experience, haha. I'm definitely not used to gaining weight and it actually being a GOOD thing. Let's hope we (you and I) continue to only carry the baby in our belly and not anywhere else! haha! You're so close! Must be exciting!! I still have half the pregnancy to go.