Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Does Daddy Do???

Some of you may wonder what does Daniel do when he is working at home. How does he get his ideas, new songs or whatever he does. Does he just strum his guitar and get a great tune. Yes, he does do that. Does he read his Bible and get great lyrics for his songs? Yes, he does that too. But also...he listens to new material that is sent to him or he serches new material on line. But what does he look like when he does it??? "Here is Monkey See, Monkey Do!"


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baseball with Daddy Part 2

Here is the video I promised.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Playing Baseball with Daddy

Caitlyn gets excited when Daddy will toss her the ball for her to hit it. Look at her stance. She is just too cute! She tries really hard to stand right so she can hit the ball.

A video will be coming soon!


Caitlyn and her friend, Masie hanging out

Friday, July 25, 2008

Survey Says...

Ok, we were wondering if it was going to be "bugs" or "bows" for us in the Pratt home. We went to the doctor today and immediately our nurse knew what it was. She checked many times during the ultra sound and kept on saying, "Oh's a ____." Well survey says...

It will be BUGS for us!!! It is a BOY!

Yes, we do already have a name: Micah Daniel Pratt

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week 15

Week 15
Baby's Length: 4-4.5 in
Baby's Weight: 1.5-2 oz.
Baby's Size: Lemon (Crown to Rump)

Friday, July 18, 2008

OK, I know

Ok, I know I blog A LOT about Caitlyn...but she is really fun and cute...can you blame me? :) I wonder what I would have blogged about BEFORE Caitlyn was born. ?????

Caitlyn's Outfits

Ok, Caitlyn had her 3rd birthday in June and got some really amazing dresses/outfits. We get to wear one each Sunday to church. One of the dresses was the ladybug one in a previous post. Here are two more. Thank you to Aunt Sharon for the polka dot out fit and thank you to Mommo for the patriotic blue dress.

Thursday Swim Days With Daddy

I have watched Daniel with Caitlyn a lot this summer and have really enjoyed seeing the bonding grow between them. Daddy is at home more now and so he gets to have Caitlyn with him more. He keeps her busy and they do things together. They had a busy day this week washing cars and cleaning them out and they did a WONDERFUL job. Also, Caitlyn takes swim lessons this summer and to make that time more special between Dad and daughter, Thursdays, Daddy takes her to McD's and then to this AWESOME pool to play and to also practice what she has learned for the week. Complete fun! She is getting better and better every time!!!

This place is wonderful cause the deepest it goes it 2 feet...perfect for Caitlyn!

Hanging out in the shade with daddy!

Talking to Daddy!

My Cool Niece

Here are a couple of pictures of "My cool Niece," Sarah. These were taken on the 4th of July!

Hey...What's Up???

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swim Lessons

Caitlyn has been taking swim lessons this summer at a friend of my mother's house. Their daughter, Miss Jeanette is a life guard and out of the kindness of her heart she has faithfully taught Caitlyn 2 times a week for the past month and a half. She has been wonderful and Caitlyn loves Miss Jeanette. Also, you will see Gigi, a friend of Caitlyn's that joined us this summer about a week and a half ago and is doing well too. Thank you Miss Jeanette, you're the best!
Learning how to put her face in the water and blow bubbles. This has been one of Caitlyn's BIGGEST challenges this summer.
Jumping in from the side of the pool...and learning to trust that we will catch her.

The not so fun part...waiting in line to get to go in.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Play doh and Friends

A week or so ago, Masie and Presley came over to play with Caitlyn for a little while. Here are a couple of pics of Masie and Caitlyn playing with play doh.

Caitlyn in another pretty dress

This is one of Caitlyn's favorite dresses...the Ladybug Dress is what we call it. If you notice...she has her cell phone with her and conveniently it fits into her ladybug pockets.

Caitlyn's First Sno Cone

This past 4th of July we went to FLCC's 4th of July Bar-B-Que...well, it was actually on the 2nd. But anyways, they were giving out sno cones and crazy to believe...Caitlyn has NEVER had a sno cone before. Out of all the flavors, she chose Bubble Gum and LOVED it. She ate EVERY bite. The great thing is... it matched her clothes, so you couldnt tell if she dribbled it on her shirt. :) Enjoy the pics: