Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday Swim Days With Daddy

I have watched Daniel with Caitlyn a lot this summer and have really enjoyed seeing the bonding grow between them. Daddy is at home more now and so he gets to have Caitlyn with him more. He keeps her busy and they do things together. They had a busy day this week washing cars and cleaning them out and they did a WONDERFUL job. Also, Caitlyn takes swim lessons this summer and to make that time more special between Dad and daughter, Thursdays, Daddy takes her to McD's and then to this AWESOME pool to play and to also practice what she has learned for the week. Complete fun! She is getting better and better every time!!!

This place is wonderful cause the deepest it goes it 2 feet...perfect for Caitlyn!

Hanging out in the shade with daddy!

Talking to Daddy!


Lacey said...

Gotta love Daddy. :0)

I read that you may find out Friday?? Sooo exciting!! Hope you do!