Friday, May 28, 2010

Where does Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream come from???

Ever wonder where chocolate and vanilla ice cream comes from?

Photo courtesy from Caitlyn's field trip to the Oil Ranch.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kindergarten, Here She Comes!!!!

Today was a great day for Caitlyn Rayne. About 9 months ago Caitlyn had her first day of pre-school at WoodsEdge. I am so glad that we decided and were able to send her there. A decision I dont think Daniel and I will ever regret. She has learned so much. Her reading is really good, counting is very nice and she has progressed quite a bit with her comfort with crowds. Wow, this time has gone by fast.

Well today was her graduation and I think they made it a special day for her.
Congratulations Baby... I'm so proud of you!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What color is your thumb?

I am not sure what color my thumb is. I dont think it is green, maybe a light green tho. :o) But... I think Daniels has turned a nice shade of green. Look at what he has been up to lately.

This is our vegetable garden. The ones closest are jalapenos. Then also in there is yellow squash, green squash and lettuce. Back in the back is our herb garden which is not as fast as growing as the veggies are.
This area is gonna be sunflowers... you can see them sprouting. No flowers yet tho.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Oil Ranch

On Wednesday, June 19 Caitlyn's class had a field trip to the Oil Ranch. Wow, that place has changed quite a bit since I went back when I was in elementary school. When I went, the place had a barn filled with hay and a rope swing, a cow to milk, a hay ride to go out and feed the cows and a trampoline. Now, this place still has the barn with a face lift, no rope swing. Horses to ride. You can still milk the cows and ride the hay ride. A train to ride, a petting zoo, swimming pool and huge slide. There is more there, but we didnt get a chance to visit it all. Below are some pictures of what we were able to do.

Here is the cow to milk... Caitlyn was not into that at all!!! You can tell by the look on her face how she felt about it.
Train ride. Caitlyn loved the train the most. We rode through a tunnel and all the kids loved to scream as loud as they could to hear the echo. Loved it!!! I wasnt able to get to sit with her on the train, I had to sit a couple of cars down. Caitlyn flipped a bit when she couldnt see me and the train was taking off. But once we took the first corner and she saw me... all was good and fun.
The famous hay in the famous barn. Another favorite.
Caitlyn got to ride a horse. She still isnt a fan of horseback riding. Never really has been. She says it is too bouncy.
Here is Caitlyn's class
A pic of CP3 and me on the hay ride. About to go feed the cows.
Class pic again.

Cows weren't hungry, but the horses must have been starving. They ran up to the wagan and were litterally in our faces. Caitlyn changed her mind on feeding the horses at first, so she gave me her pellets and I got to feed the horses... for the first time. :O) I was proud of myself. Then something must have happened cause Caitlyn changed her mind and wanted to feed the horses. She did an amazing job and fed 3 horses. No fear. I was even more proud of her.
Cailtyn and I had a great day together. The only thing that would have made it better would have been temperatures in the 70's. :o)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Shower

As many of you know, last week and weekend I was busy getting ready to throw my sister in law, Gabriella's very first baby shower. Wow, what pressure. Her very FIRST. I have to say that I think it was a success and Gabi ended up getting a lot of wonderful things for her son, Gabriel Scott. I had a wonderful time planning and throwing this baby shower for her. Oh how I have missed my "planning" days. (You may not remember that I used to be a wedding planner and absolutely LOVED it) Anyways, we had a great time... I say WE cause little miss Caitlyn was quite the assistant. Really, Im not just saying that cause I am her mother. A lot of you know how quiet my little miss is when it comes to crowds. Well, she passed out to all the ladies their clothespins for the "dont say baby" game. She also announced the winner in front of everyone, the "guess the amount of gumdrops in the bottle" game. (this game was her idea) She also handed Gabi EVERY present and removed EVERY present once they were opened. She took care of collecting and saving tissue paper and tossing the wrapping paper. I was a proud momma. Below is a picture of Caitlyn and I opening our thank you gift from Gabi. Gabi made the bag and it was full of a couple of fun goodies. :O)

This is me and my sister in law, Gabi. She is two weeks ahead of me. Love this girl, she makes my brother very happy. (YES, I am wearing a skirt. I know, hard to believe)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok, I know it has been forever

I dont know what is going on with me over here. I really do want to update my blog... but really I feel like I have nothing to blog about. I bet if I sat and thought long and hard about something to blog about... I could, but who has that kind of time.

This past weekend was one that wore me out!!!! I threw a baby shower on Saturday for my sister in law, Gabi. It was a great shower for her first baby, Gabriel Scott. My mom counted... and there were about 26 or so ladies in my house. Whew, very fun, but very busy.

Of course, yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a good day. Started off rocky cause my hubby was sick in the morning, but luckily he started to feel better before church started. Then we had lunch together as a family then went and spent time with Daniels mom after lunch and then with my mom in the evening. Daniel was so sweet, we put the kids to bed at their bedtime, sharp so that we could have popcorn and watch a movie...I was so exhausted I couldnt stay awake. Poor guy, I really tried to stay awake.

Now back to the daily grind. :O)