Monday, May 10, 2010

Ok, I know it has been forever

I dont know what is going on with me over here. I really do want to update my blog... but really I feel like I have nothing to blog about. I bet if I sat and thought long and hard about something to blog about... I could, but who has that kind of time.

This past weekend was one that wore me out!!!! I threw a baby shower on Saturday for my sister in law, Gabi. It was a great shower for her first baby, Gabriel Scott. My mom counted... and there were about 26 or so ladies in my house. Whew, very fun, but very busy.

Of course, yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a good day. Started off rocky cause my hubby was sick in the morning, but luckily he started to feel better before church started. Then we had lunch together as a family then went and spent time with Daniels mom after lunch and then with my mom in the evening. Daniel was so sweet, we put the kids to bed at their bedtime, sharp so that we could have popcorn and watch a movie...I was so exhausted I couldnt stay awake. Poor guy, I really tried to stay awake.

Now back to the daily grind. :O)