Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrating Ky

Ok, I have about one more week to go and I guess you can call me a procrastinator because things are just now starting to come together at the Pratt Pad for Ky to join us. This past Thursday night, July 15, 2010, I was blessed from a friend of mine who threw me a Celebration Dinner at The Grotto to celebrate the arrival of Ky. I had a wonderful time. I have to say I am blessed with some wonderful friends and I hope they all know they are loved and cherished by me and my family. Such a beautiful cake... yes, from Lindys and OOOOOOOOHHHHH was it yummy. This picture made us laugh when we first looked at it... like the monk that is in the mural over my shoulder? Thank you to Kristyn for taking some pictures that night. I cant believe I left my camera at home... on the charger in anticipation to bring with me that night.
A diaper cake from the Elliott family for Ky.

These two spit up cloths have nothing to do with the Celebration Dinner. I just wanted to include them in this post cause it is something I made specifically for Ky, today, by the way. I made spit up cloths for Caitlyn and Micah before they were born and I felt obligated to make Ky a couple as well. Gotta be fair. :O)