Thursday, December 4, 2008

A New Doctor For Me

Ok, so now I am at 34 weeks and counting.  I am still feeling alright.  So far I have been lucky to not see or get any new stretch marks.  Well I think that is over now.  Micah is growing pretty much only in the a watermelon.  SO...the stretch marks are starting to appear.  Yuck.  So...I coat my tummy in some cocoa butter and also that stretch mark cream.  I guess you cant have too much of that stuff on.  :)  The marks are gonna come no matter what, sheesh.  I guess stretch marks are for women who dont have cameras or memory books to show and remind them that they were once pregnant.  So the marks are there for us to remember how big we were.  Right????  Well, unfortunatly a little over a week ago my ob/gyn passed away.  A tragic thing to happen because she was 38 and left behind a husband and 2 year old twins.  Very sad.  Once that had happened we decided to change doctors instead of being passed to one of her co workers.  We chose to go to Dr. Jon Rawson.  I have heard how great he is and that he has a wonderful bedside manor.  We, Daniel and I also took in consideration that since we are friends with him and his family that for mine and Micahs safety...he would be best to go to.  So that is the decision we made.  I have my first appointment tomorrow at 12:15.  We will see what they say.  I am interested in if they are just gonna pick up where my previous doctor left off and keep the due date the same, or if they are gonna re examine me and change the date.  So, we will see and I'll keep you posted.  


Andrea said...

I am so sorry to hear about your doctor. That's aweful. Hopefully everything works out with your new doctor.

Now you have me stressed about the stretch marks! I thought I was home free at this point. I didn't realize they would start showing up so late. Christian is all out front also. Yikes! I guess we'll see what happens!

Amanda said...

thats awful! who was she? Did you decide not to use Beena again?
love your page- very Christmas-y

Amanda said...

I've heard of that Doctor- that is so sad! that poor family.

Life with 3 is CRAZY- I never know which way Im going or coming-and I never have a moment to myself *sigh* but I know when they get older it will get easier.

tell that little one to hold on till Jan 11th (hee hee)

Emily said...

I'm so glad the appointment went so well! You've got the best doctor in town!