Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby in Camo

A couple of Mondays, Guys Night's ago Daniel came home with a present that one of his friends brought for Micah. He handed me the gift bag to open, the gift bag I should have taken a picture of, but anyways it had a beautiful scenery pic and a couple of deer on it. Already not something that I would imagine putting a baby gift in. I giggled at the gift bag and Daniel said, just you wait til you open it, with a huge grin on hs face. I opened the gift bag and this is what I saw:

Daniel then exclaimed, It's REAL camo. Micah will actually be able to wear REAL camo. Oh, if you were able to see the look on daniels face and how proud he was. I just giggled and laughed. The gift was / is a wonderful gift and I dont know what I was more proud of... The fact that Daniel is getting his chance to "dress up" his son the way a boy should dress, or that he has made some wonderful friends that truly know Daniel and what makes him smile.

Check out this bottle, it says Junior Member. :)

Here is the onesie, bib and booties: