Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ok...I guess it is time to blog again

Ok, Happy Birthday to me.  Guess who came for my birthday...Hurricane Ike.  I feel so honored.  Sheesh.  The day wasnt horrible...but you know of course it could have been better.  We have some trees that fell in the back yard and one that is hanging suspended over our kitchen.  The only thing keeping the tree from falling...the deck that is slowly coming up.  So...for safety and sanity, We came out to my sister in laws house to get into some air conditioning and electricity.  We celebrated Sat night and sang Happy Birthday.  On Sunday we also went to my parents house to celebrate my birthday and have a birthday lunch.  I got lots of money on a gift card to Hobby Lobby from my parents and brother/soon to be sis-n-law.  They said...its only $.... dollars...but then I told them no....it is like twice that... Hobby Lobby always has 50% of deals.  so yea!!!  Now that I get to stay home more...thank you to Daniels gift to me...I have more time to be crafty and try to make my house more into a home.  :)  I am very thrilled about that.  It would just be nice to be able to start...once the electricity comes back on.  :)  


Emily said...

What a fun bday! Ha! Enjoy your Hobby Lobby stuff. That's a great gift!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

Glad to hear you guys are okay. Let us know if we can help in any way! Take care.

Kristyn said...

Happy belated Birthday!! I wish I would have known...I would have given you a call. :) Glad you guys are safe.

Anonymous said...

1. Happy Belated Birthday to you!
2. Hobby Lobby is the greatest place to have a giftcard(which I am sure you know). That will one fun shopping trip.
3. Congrats on the up and coming baby boy. That is so exciting. A boy and a girl, that's how it worked out for me and I love it.
I hope you guys are doing great minus all the Ike trouble!

Lacey said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chrissy!!