Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caitlyn's First Day of School (after pictures)

Caitlyn had a GREAT first day at school. I didn't hear every detail of how great it was... she was very vague, but she did say she liked it and did like her teacher. She told me that she did make some friends, but they cant talk during class time. They can only talk after they raise their hand. :O)

I love this picture. It is of Caitlyn showing me how they walk down the hallways. "Hug yourself and catch a bubble."

Today Caitlyn rode the bus for the first time. She was excited and finally gave me that excited smile once she was on the bus and waved to me from her seat. I think she was nervous that she would miss the bus. So once on it, she knew that everything was ok and she would get to school fine. Caitlyn has been wanting to ride the bus forever. For years when we would be in our car and we would see a bus, she would tell me that she wanted to ride one.
So, I am anxiously waiting for 3:30 to get here so that I can meet her at the bus stop and see how she liked riding the bus and also how today went. And wouldn't you know it, on her first day of riding the bus, it looks like it is gonna rain.

UPDATE: She did not like riding the bus. I asked her why. She told me that when she gets out of school she wants to see mommy and the bus is not fast enough. *sniff* Also, she had that feeling that she would never get home, so that worried her.

So we will see what we will do. I told her we may compromise and I take her to school in the mornings and she ride the bus in the afternoons. That way we have more time in the mornings and I can let the babies sleep longer in the afternoons. The school is only 5 minutes away, so I think that this may work best.


Sandra Kozlowski said...

I had to have Sierra ride the bus when Daniel was a wee little lad. Naptime was just to vital!!

And what is with our kids being so vague with details of school. I get the barest of details, myself.

ashley said...

Glad Caitlyn had a good 1st day of school! Hope she has a great year!

LPotter said...

She is so sweet! Glad that she had a great first day of school!