Thursday, January 5, 2012

My week so far...

Last year Connie blessed me and Lindsay with a "hunting" trip. Daniel, his dad and his brother in law got to go hunting for a couple of days and so Connie, decided that it would only be fair... :O) that we go "hunting" too. It was an amazing two days of shopping, massage and fun. This year, she surprised us again with a day of shopping. A great way for us mommas to recharge and have some fun. Linds and I were in Claires and saw these crazy sunglasses. They have tiny holes in them and you can see out of them... just not well. We had to take a pic.
This week is Micah's birthday week. He has decided to have a Superhero party. He has been wearing his Batman suit and is ready for his party to come. More pictures from his party to come soon.
For Christmas, my kiddos got Flaarp in their stockings. It is a putty that makes pooting noises. Yes, this morning my sweet boy Micah was playing with it and got it on my ottoman. Oh goodness. He did come tell me immediately and not hide it so that I am proud of. I am also not freaking out anymore because it did come out. Thank goodness.