Tuesday, March 29, 2011


While I was doing my normal routine this morning, I came across a couple of things that brings a smile to my face and that I loved... I will say that being up that early will NOT be on the "love" list.

I love:
- the smell and sound of brewing coffee.
- how my son, Micah says candy, "can-ney"
- to hear my babies babble in the monitor, this sound is way better than the alarm clock
- to hear Caitlyn sing. She may not realize it.... but she is singing ALL the time. Im not sure if she is singing songs off the radio or her own songs, but it is beautiful.
- to see Caitlyn come tell me she made me something. The papers build up and unfortunately I do have to throw many of them away, but I love to see her creations.
- to hear Micah come tell me in a pleading voice, "Hold you???"
- Ky's big toothless grin and beautiful big blue eyes.
- to hear from my husband, "Lets go on a date!"

These are just a few of the long list of "loves" I have that I wanted to share.


ashley said...

Love the list of things you love!