Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sibling Love

Ky is 8 months old now and until recently hasn't slept through the night consistently. (The past week has been pretty good, except last night. Ky was extremely disturbed at 5:30am with a poopy diaper, but I am sure you didn't need to know that.) I don't know if his sleeping habits are because (1) he just hasn't learned how to sooth himself back to sleep well or (2) if he is like his daddy and just not a great sleeper or (3) just a hard headed little kid and doesn't want to sleep well. I hope that it is that he hasn't learned well on how to sooth himself and that will hopefully remedy itself soon. Please God. BUT, as a way to help him learn faster, (fussing it out in the middle of the night) we moved Micah into Caitlyn's room so that Ky's screaming wont wake him. Caitlyn was THRILLED to say the least on having a roommate, even though she knows it is for a short time. The first evening I came in to check of the kiddos and see what they were up to on their first night together, this is what I saw:
LOVE it!


Emily said...

So cute!! Don't you just love it when your children love each other? Maybe they'll share permanently? :)