Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sibling Love Part 2

Caitlyn is transitioning to a bigger bike... and one without training wheels. We dont have it mastered yet, but while we are learning Micah is wanting to ride a bike too. So he decided that he needed to ride Caitlyn's old bike... princess decor and all. He actually does pretty well... if pretty well is reaching the pedals only and depending on us to push him down the sidewalk and steer. But he loves it. So I think I am going to make him a "boys bike." I honestly think I am just gonna take Caitlyn's old bike and change it with some spray paint to look like a boys bike. Why not... boys bikes are supposed to look a bit rough. :O)


Kristyn said...

great idea :) I'm sure he won't care as long as he can ride it! HA!