Friday, January 9, 2009

More Pictures

This baby swing was actually given to Caitlyn when we were expecting her.  She did not care for it at all.  We used it maybe 2-3 times.  I felt so bad to have a beautiful brand new swing that we did not use.  Well, now I dont have to feel bad anymore.  Micah LOVES it.  He slept in it for 2 hours yesterday in the middle of our living room with all the hubbub of noise around.  

Caitlyn got for Christmas a Water Baby.  If you have never seen a water baby before...they are neat.  They are filled with water to make them feel real.  We decided to get the baby out and compare Baby Ruby to Micah.  You can see the size difference...but what amazed us...Baby Ruby was heavier than Micah.  

This picture was taken about 30 minutes to an hour after we got home on Wednesday.  It took Caitlyn a short while to be alright with Micah being home.  I think it was because she had just gotten up from a nap and needed a small snack...cause after all that happened...she was thrilled that he was here.  She constantly told us over and over how excited and glad she was that Micah was here.


Sandra Kozlowski said...

How funny that Caitlyn didn't like the swing. Both my kids loved it...Daniel more so than Sierra (which is funny cause he is terrified of rides and just now got over his fear of the carousel).

He is a cutie pie!!

Sandra Kozlowski said...

By "He is a cutie pie!!" I meant, of course, Micah....not that my Daniel isn't, of course.....but Micah is the focus. lol

Lacey said...

So cute Chrissy. I can not wait to come meet him. Hey do you have my email?? Could you shoot me an email so I can find a time to bring you a meal?? Once I saw the schedule it was all filled except for the day I am running the marathon. but, I want to find a time to come visit and meet that cutie pie. :)

Hope you are all adjusting well. I know Caitlyn is going to be an awesome big sister. Or is I guess I should say. :)

Andrea said...

Micah is so adorable! These pictures are making me so excited to meet my little boy! :)

Rachel said...

Tobin LOVED the swing when he was tiny! And, I can't belive they still have water babies! How much fun!