Thursday, July 9, 2009

French Braiding

I have never french braided before. I tried to learn when I was a little girl on my barbie dolls heads. That was hard though... the heads kept popping off when I would hold the hair too tight. So with that said, I never really learned. This past fourth of july we spent that holiday with family. Auntie was french braiding her daughters hair and Caitlyn REALLY wanted hers done too. So Auntie french braided Caitlyns hair and did a wonderful job. You can see how well it was done in the post before. Well since then, Caitlyn has asked me to french braid her hair again. I warned her that I was not as good as Auntie... but that I would give it my best shot. Below is the pic of my first french braiding job.
I told Caitlyn that it was not very good, but that I did my best. She responded with, "It's pretty!" My sweet precious angel. I told her that "she made it pretty."


Emily said...

It looks great! She has good hair for that. I've tried Masie's many times before but since it's so thin and fine it never holds. It's just a mess. But Caitlyn's hair looks precious!

Misty Gunn said...

Chrissy- You did a great job and she is precious!

Kristyn said...

wow...i think that it looks great. that's one thing i am not looking forward to with having a girl...i stink at doing girls hair!!!