Thursday, October 15, 2009

Decorating My Kitchen Nook

I decided that I couldnt look at my bare kitchen nook any longer, so here is what I did to make it a prattified.
I went to Hobby Lobby, my most absolute favorite store and bought some plain white candles.
I found some really pretty fall colored ribbon, half price I might add.
I wrapped the ribbon around my plain white candle and secured it in the back with a push pin.
And voila! I added my cute candles to these pretty candelabras, given to us by a sweet friend. Thanks Val. :o)
My nook needed more ribbon somewhere... so I added it to my simple pumpkin.
And here is what the nook looks like. All holiday-ed up. :)
I decided that this will be my holiday nook and each holiday will be displayed in some way.

LOVE this house, thank you Lord for such a blessing.


Jen said...

Love the nook Chrissy! I also can't get enough of Hobby Lobby, but if you think that's amazing, wait til you go to Canton! 100x better! House looks beautiful!

Emily said...

It looks great! You're so cute and crafty.

Courtney said...

Ooo I like it !! I love autumn. The colors are so warm and inviting.

ashley said...

I love your fall kitchen nook!! The house looks great!! You are quite crafty my friend!!

Amanda said...

cute cute! and love all the new paint colors- very warm and inviting. good job girl!!