Monday, November 22, 2010


Ugggg, I have not been into the blogging mood lately, what's up with that? I hate it when I am in that mood... cause I know in a few years when I look back, Im gonna be upset with myself for not being up to date on my entries. Oy. But, in my defense, I have not had the time. Daniel got the opportunity again to travel with Robbie Seay on one of his tours for 9 days. What an opportunity. My musician hubby got to go be with musicians for 9 days and see the world... errrr, some of the United States. But he still had fun, none the less. When he came home, he was home for a day and then shipped off again to go hunting. What can I say... that boy is lucky that I grew up in a family where hunting was important for the men to do... and so I was ok with him going off and having fun. While he was away, we were busy here at the house. Well, not all that busy... but 1 parent with 3 kiddos for 2 weeks, it felt busy and exhausting. Here are a couple of pictures of what we were up to.

This first one is a picture of a growth chart that I made for a special friend of mine who is having twin boys soon. I enjoyed making this for her, so much that I made another one for another friend of mine who is having a little girl soon. I'll post a pic of hers soon, but after I give it to her in a couple of weeks. :O) I took this pic before I added the hanging ribbon to it, but you get the gist of what it was to be like.

Girls time in the kitchen. Mom came over and us girls made a homemade bbq pizza. It was yummy I must say.


Kristyn said...

I haven't been in much of a blogging mood either. I feel the same as you, I should be recording what we've been up to, but it just isn't coming to me! Glad you guys had fun while Daddy was away. :)