Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Pinterest Summer Wreath

Im not sure about the rest of you, but I LOVE Pinterest.  Whoever came up with that idea to somehow bring a bazillion crafts (amongst other things) together in one site was a genius!!!!  I love checking out the humor site and of course the craft site.  
Back in January, the time of year when we all decide that some of our Christmas decorations weren't all they were cracked up to be... I went to my sister in laws house and noticed she was throwing out this "beauty." It was a perfectly fine wreath, but she wanted to have something different for next Christmas and saw no reason to hold on to this one all year.  I grabbed it and asked her if I could have it.  With an "are you crazy" look in her eye because I went through her garbage, she said sure.  I told her I had a plan and no worries.      
Well, it took me a few months... 8 months in fact, to come up with an idea... 
 (Drumroll please)  Ta-daaaa!!  (Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration.)
I have no summer decorations around my house and for some reason every year I hit a dry spell in the creativity department during this time.  Finally my house has some color... at least for now until I unload the multiple boxes I have full of FALL colors for my actual FAVORITE time of the year!!!!