Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok, I know it has been a long time…and unfortunately I have no pictures. Sorry.

So…what then can I write about? Oh…I know…Recipes!

Ok…when I was sick in my first trimester…Daniel did all the cooking. But since I really wasn’t eating a big dinner or eating dinner at all…the evenings were the worst part of the day for me. Daniel usually just took care of feeding Him and Caitlyn and they opted for easy dinners for the most part. So…here is my dilemma…I have lost my “groove” in the kitchen and need some help with new recipes. I have a few easy recipes and also have some recipes that we have tried and then tossed. So…if you have any recipes that you just LOVE, that don’t take forever in the kitchen to prepare and you would like to share them…I would gladly accept them. Also…if you don’t mind…I can post some for others to cut and paste. :)


Ashley McWhorter said...

Ohhhhh...if only I cooked. Dern! Can't help you with the recipes. I love the idea you told me about with the old school Astros theme. Very cool! Can't wait to see pictures!

Andrea said...

I will be watching your blog to see if anyone has any recipes for you, because I am definitely not the person to ask! I have always wanted to be a great cook, but I'm jsut not there yet! Wanted to answer some of your questions that you left on my blog: I am starting to feel a little better. The nausea is under control, but I still feel very tired! And, I'm sure Giff is ready for me to be back to normal. He has had to pick up the slack, but he does it without complaining! I love him! How are you doing? You're halfway through your pregnancy! Yay! :)

Preecemom said...

Tried these yet? If not - make them for your hubby!

2 chicken breasts, cooked and chopped
1/2 cup buffalo-style hot sauce
1/2 teaspoon chopped garlic
1/4 cup cream cheese
24 wonton wrappers
oil (for frying, peanut suggested)

NOTE: all amounts are suggested; feel free to adjust to your personal preference.

Mix the chicken with the hot sauce and garlic. Mix in the cream cheese until smooth.

Put about a tsp into the center of a wonton, seal edges using a little water. Keep covered until all wontons are done.

Heat oil to about 325 degrees F.

Fry wontons, a few at a time, until lightly brown and crisp.

Serve with bleu cheese or ranch salad dressing for dipping.

NOTE: The filling can be made the day ahead and refrigerated, and the flavor intensifies

Emily said...

Amanda's recipe sounds so good! I'll have to try that. I made a recipe about a month ago that I was going to post on my blog because it was SO good, but I never posted it and now I can't find my recipe. If I find it I'll let you know.