Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A couple of more sneek peeks

Ok, here is the painting that I have painted for Micah's Room. Hope you like it, we do. :)

Can you guess what this is???

It is a desk lamp. I origionally had planned to use a regular lamp. We had a navy blue lamp shade and then I just needed to find a base that I liked. Well while I was out at Target getting the lamp base...I came across this desk lamp. (You are looking at the top part) It is half a base ball at the top and half a base ball at the bottom. I couldnt pass this up. :) Too cute.


Mike and Jess Richey said...

Chrissy, the painting turned out GREAT!!! I am so impressed!!!

Andrea said...

LOVE your painting! And the lamp looks so cute!

Lacey said...

Chissy...yours looks better than the one at Marshalls- seriously. I at first glance thought you were showing us the marshalls one. It looks awesome!! Way to go Momma...yet another talent I am learning you have. Wow!