Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Ok, this was our halloween night.  I guess I would say, "all in all" that it ended up being a fun night.  We definitely did enjoy our company.  We had an evening with the Marlers and the Johnsons.  

Yes there were things that I would not prefer to do again for next halloween...waiting in line for a long time before even getting a chance to start playing games.  But...the games that they did have were ALL games that were Caitlyn age appropriate and so for that I was grateful!  

Here are our trick or treaters:
Caitlyn Pratt, Masie Johnson, Carson Marler, Presley Johnson, Chloe Marler and Campbell Marler.  Such cute little cuties.

Cute Friends!
I love the silly hug that Masie and Caitlyn have, but I think I love even more the sweet precious hug of two sisters, Carson and Chloe.  :)


Emily said...

What a fun and funny night! Cute pics. :)