Friday, February 13, 2009

A friends wedding this past weekend

Caitlyn got to be a flower girl in another wedding this past weekend. She LOVES the job. :) She was such a big girl this weekend. I had somethings to do with Micah and so I could either bring her along with me or have her stay with the big girls... the bridesmaids. Caitlyn chose to be with the big girls. *sniff* she didnt need me to stay with her.
This was a catholic wedding... so there was a part where the wedding party, including Caitlyn, sits down and listens to the priest talk for a while. I was so nervous how Caitlyn would do during this 15 - 20 time frame. So what I did was pack her a "goody bag" filled with quiet baby doll things to entertain her. I left it in the pew that she would be sitting in and she knew that she could play quietly with it when she sat down and then leave it in the pew when she had to get up to stand at the front. I was hoping and praying that this would work and that we didnt have a bored little girl on our hands who also insisted on bringing her goody bag with her to the front of the church. Also... all the preparation, pictures and wedding happened during Caitlyn's usual nap time... so again... I was nervous how the day would go. Well, she did GREAT, Mission Accomplished. Everything went as planned. A friend of ours said she was watching her during that part of the service and enjoyed watching Caitlyn feed her baby doll which Caitlyn named, Baby with the Long Hair. Also changing her diaper and powdering her doll. Way too cute. Here are a few of pictures from the Reception.

The Groom, Luke:


Sandra Kozlowski said...

Aw....Luke is married now! Cooool!!!!

Caitlyn looks just gorgeous!!

Emily said...

She looks so cute! I'm glad she did so well. She gotten a lot of practice lately!

Anonymous said...

Caitlyn is so beautiful!! I was just showing Darrion your blog so she could see Micah and when she saw Caitlyn she said, "I'll bet she'll be a heart breaker." haha. She's so so pretty. And Micah is a handsome little dude. Doesn't look like he got the curly hair.