Monday, February 16, 2009

Sip & See

I had a wonderful friend of mine and my mothers, Lynn offer to throw a Sip & See for Micah and I, a baby shower for when after the baby arrives so that everyone can get together and see the baby.  I think this is an amazing idea.  Thank you Lynn.  It was a wonderful shower and I enjoyed getting to see all these ladies that I haven't seen in a while.  I used to see these ladies pretty often, Daniel and I used to attend Family Life Christian Center, where they attend and also this was the church that I worked at for 3 years til this past September.  Here are a couple of pictures, taken by another wonderful friend of mine, Tawana... Thank you.  Enjoy

Tawana, my friend and the photographer of all the other pics.  :)

Look at that beautiful table... and the food tasted even better than it looks.

Lynn, my friend and the hostess of the party.  (She also has a catering company, she's wonderful)
Thank you Lynn for a beautiful Sip & See.  You did a wonderful job hosting this... you out did yourself.