Monday, October 12, 2009


Here are some Their, Before & After pictures. Meaning pictures of the way they had the house (Their), Then the before, and of course the afters.
This picture is of their kitchen... that is my friend Rhonda, she was our realtor and helped us find and get this house.
Pic 2 (THEIR house)
BEFORE (Can you see our friend Chris who helped us paint?)
BEFORE Pic 2 (Taping and painting)
AFTER Pic 1 (Like the brown???)
AFTER Pic 2 (Our cute little kitchen table. Our table before was falling apart and so we chose this cute little guy)
AFTER Pic 3 (See my art nook? Still wondering what to do to decorated that little space. Actually now it has some tall candlesticks in it and it looks good. But that was added after I took this pic. ) :o)


Sandra Kozlowski said...

I very much like the brown.

Scoop said...

The brown looks great, it is a big improvement. It's amazing the difference paint makes, isn't it?